The experience of listing a coin on an exchange

How to fill? Where to begin? To whom to write? We decided to talk to a person who has personal experience of listing a token on a crypto exchange, and then talked to the other side – the founder of the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange, for whom these listings of yours are a common routine.

A few words about our platform. Since its launch in 2017, Cryptor has been created as a service for algorithmic trading on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply put, we have created a tool for flexible customization of trading bots for a variety of trading strategies. Unlike humans, bots can trade 24/7, saving traders time, effort and nerves.

Today, Cryptor is objectively one of the largest cloud trading platforms in the world. Since March 2020, Cryptor has been a Finance Broker, which has opened up opportunities to trade on the spot and futures market with Finance liquidity.

Trading mining – why did we create our own token?

From May 1, 2019, the platform gives users the opportunity to trade mining (Trade-to-mine) and additional profit. It works quite simply – for each successful transaction completed by the bot, a reward is awarded in the form of CTG tokens. For trading on trading pairs with CTG, mining efficiency doubles.

A total of 100,000,000 CTGs have been issued, which are proportionally distributed between payments for mining, marketing, development, etc. Token holders receive a number of benefits: a 25% discount on the commission for trading on the Cryptorg.Exchange is included, it is convenient and profitable to pay tariffs on with the token, buy digital goods and subscriptions. Moreover, the token is the main unit of account for copy trading on Cryptor and its affiliated projects.

After the release of the token, we began to think about where to start at least minimal trading. We were looking for an exchange with Russian-speaking founders. Vitality Bodnar, CEO of BTC-Alpha, had an active Facebook and our first meeting took place there. Almost immediately, we came to the conclusion that our projects can interact – we launch our bots on BTC-Alpha using the API, open access for our traders to the new exchange, and in return we get a listing.

And then we got to work. The development of an API for connecting trading bots took a quarter, and the listing of the token on the exchange itself took several days. Everything is very simple – a team chat was created by BTC-Alpha, where there were those responsible from our side. We discussed everything, filled out the document and the work began. This was my first token listing experience and it turned out to be very positive.

“CTG Owners Received 9 X’s – Listing Results

The listing started from the price of 1 cent per CTG token, from that moment there were ups and downs, everything is absolutely natural, no special trades that artificially increase volumes. Last winter, the price fell to half a cent, and on the rise of the market, the token rose to 4.5 cents. That is, CTG owners received 9 X’s. Moreover, the more actively the price grew, the more actively new players joined.

Basically, people earn our token through trading mining, and some users during this time on the platform have received tens of thousands of dollars only on this. They trade, mine, withdraw to BTC-Alpha, sell – such is the bonus profit.

By the way, thanks to the listing on the BTC-Alpha exchange, the token appeared in the list of coins on popular resources like Coin gecko, and now we are waiting for the release on CoinMarketCap. This allows you to draw even more attention to the token itself and to the platform. Plus, it increases the turnover of the token.
Trading mining becomes more complicated and in August 2022 all coins will be mined, it will no longer be possible to mine them, it will only be possible to buy them. Our ecosystem is developing, so new users will have to buy at more expensive prices from those players who managed to mine.

We plan to transfer the token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, as now Ethereum has an expensive commission and many users cannot send coins to the exchange. We want to give this opportunity. As soon as we make the transition, trading volumes should increase greatly. There are thousands of users who are ready to invest $50-100, who have a small amount of CTG on their balance, and this is a large community. Today there are about 10,000 coin holders in total.

Listing a token – where to start? Comment by BTC-Alpha CEO Vitaliy Bodnar

Before we met Andrey personally, I already followed his project through Facebook. I constantly communicate with a large number of projects in a stream, I am constantly interested in innovations, these things capture me 24/7, but first of all, the reputation of the person or team that contacts us is important.

In the case of the CTG token, I liked their economics. This significantly distinguished them from any ICO projects, they had a strategic plan for what and how the token would be used. This is important for any project.