Banks quadrupled sales of investment coins

Keep virtual kilograms or even tons of precious metal on a metal account for playing on quotes. You can buy collectible coins. And finally, one of the most profitable ways to invest in gold and silver is investment coins of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

This year, precious metals have demonstrated to investors that they are also a good asset to invest in. In the first half of the year, the increase in prices for gold was 26%, for silver – 43%. In the second half of the year, according to experts, such an upward rally should not be expected, most likely, “there will be a consolidation of quotations at the achieved levels and moderate growth.” “

Over the past year, all precious metals have shown such an impressive growth (by 70-120%) that it is rather difficult to expect a significant price reduction at present, as well as counting on the same rapid growth shown since the beginning of the year,” the Treasury specialist believes. International Industrial Bank (IPB) Kirill Panfilov. But still, given the steady uptrend, bankers are advised to continue investing in precious metals. “At the same time, it is better to buy “on pullbacks”, during short-term market corrections,” they recommend.

The lowest costs for investments in non-cash gold and silver are provided by a metal account, in cash – investment coins. That’s why they are called so, because they allow you to buy cash metal without value added tax, immediately saving the investor 18% of the price.

Today, our banks sell the following investment coins issued by the Bank of Russia. From silver coins – “Sable” with a face value of 3 rubles. The market value of this coin, containing 31.1 g of 925 pure silver, reaches 500 rubles (quotations for investment coins are published daily on the Central Bank website on the Internet). The assortment of gold coins includes the Chevrolets 1975-1982.

(7.742 g of fine gold 900, market value of 5000 rubles), “George the Victorious” 2006. denomination of 50 rubles (7.78 g of fine gold 999, cost 5100 rubles) and the Zodiac Signs series. The coins of this series, issued in 2005, have a denomination of 25 rubles, contain 3.11 g of fine gold 999 and cost approximately 1800 rubles. Coins issued in 2004 with a face value of 50 rubles. contain 7.78 g of fine gold 999 and are estimated at about 4950 rubles.

— In fact, investments in investment coins are investments in a specific precious metal: gold or silver, — says Kirill Panfil from MPB. – Gold coins have higher attractiveness. This is due to the fact that gold as a metal has a greater liquidity in comparison with silver. In addition, not all commercial banks accept the Sabol silver investment coin for redemption from the public or buy it at unattractive prices.” For example, a year ago a gold Chevrolets cost 3,000 rubles per coin at Vneshtorgbank Retail Services, but today its cost is about 4,600 rubles. The benefit is obvious.

But not Chevrolets are the most optimal for investments. Bankers advise investing in gold coins “George the Victorious” 2006. “Unlike gold Chevrolets, these coins have a higher content of chemically pure gold,” says Evgeni Geranin,

head of the Precious Metals Department at the Interregional Investment Bank. Another important difference is the small circulation (presence on the market) of the coins “George the Victorious”. Also interesting for investment are coins of the Zodiac Signs series, which have a limited circulation, incommensurable with the circulation of gold coins and St. George coins (in addition, the release of Zodiac Signs in 2006-2007 is not planned).

According to bankers, the population is now actively buying gold coins. “The dynamics of sales of investment coins since the beginning of the year in our bank has gone up sharply,” admits Elena Ivanova, Head of Operations with Banknotes, Coins and Precious Metals of the Financial Markets Operations Department of the Treasury of Vneshtorgbank Retail Services.  Especially popular in VTB-24 are gold coins – “Chevrolets” and “George the Victorious”. And, for example, in the bank “Moscow Capital” there is an increased demand for “Signs of the Zodiac”.

Since 2004, the annual increase in sales of investment coins in the MPB has been more than 120%. “Since the beginning of the year, in the wake of the frenetic attention to the growth of world prices for precious metals, there has been an increased interest in investment coins,” the bank notes.

– This was also facilitated by the unstable situation in the global financial (currency) market. With the depreciation of the dollar against the ruble, an increasing number of our fellow citizens are choosing alternative ways of investing, and investing in metals is perceived by many as one of the best options for increasing their capital.”

However, not all the capital multiplied by investment coins will fall into the pocket of the investor.