Qu – Hybrid Blockchain Smart Contract System

The Qu cryptocurrency (Quantum) is a platform token created for the business sphere and combining the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum virtual machine. It is a platform that facilitates the process of writing smart contracts based on block technology. It can be described as a robust, powerful modular toolkit.

The registered currency is in Singapore, one of the most economically free countries. Therefore, fluctuations in the rate on the news in this case will not be catastrophic. Development team from China, some contributors from Europe.

There are several important facts that investors should know about the creators of the project:

The organization is not commercial, the goals are set quite high.
The team consists of 17 professionals, each of whom has colossal experience.
A company with a board of directors and responsible persons has been created, which is good news.
The Qu Blockchain Foundation Corporation claims to be working to improve blockchain technologies, not to generate profits. The development group has investors, but they still receive a certain income from market manipulations.

The launch of the QTUM project was made possible by influential investors in the virtual currency environment. These are Anthony Di Orio, Stark Xu, Miaoli Li and Bo Sheng, who have jointly invested more than $ 1 million in a promising startup.

It should be noted that the development of Qu (QTUM) has been very fast. So, this project has already managed to outstrip the progress made by the world of digital currencies.

Project partners

To assess the prospects for the growth of the rate of the cryptocurrency (Qu) Quantum, it is useful to see who is already collaborating with the project, agreeing with the convenience of the ecosystem he created for business.

In this regard, for a start, we should mention the Estonian company Arguello, which invested in the project at the stage of the ICO and immediately started developing a smart contract called Lifecycle Management, which was launched in the fall of 2021.

In the winter of 2021, representatives of many companies talked about partnerships with Qu, praising the merits of the created ecosystem. For example, Obang used a platform to carry out calculations and create software capable of introducing artificial intelligence into various areas of human activity. A large investment fund Zeroing has developed for its own purposes a series of smart contracts, which they launched in the Quantum blockchain

At the beginning of 2021, it became known that Luna, a blockchain network for online dating, entered into a partnership with the project. To implement the tasks that it sets, we created a special software utility STARS, which provides anonymity when transferring data and making payments in Qu coins.

It should also be said about working with ID Hub – this is an extremely ambitious startup that develops a user identification system that simplifies the work of many commercial structures when they are transferred to a blockchain platform.

What is Qu

Qu (Quantum) connects block technology with a virtual ethernet machine. It allows developers to leverage the current blockchain to write smart contract applications. It is based on the SHA-256 algorithm.

One of the main goals of Qu is to create the first of its kind smart contracts based on UTXO, a Proof of Stake (Pops) consensus model system.

Qu is compatible with the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems and aims to be an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible alternative to Bitcoin.

Quantum developers rely on a strategy that includes the use of mobile devices. This allows Qu to promote blockchain technology to a wide range of Internet users. Its authors also intend to revolutionize the way applications are stored in databases.

Network parameters

The Qu network is open source, which means open source. That is, companies can order application development for it from third-party developers, creating highly specialized applications for their needs. Other technical features include:

the use of the Pops algorithm, in which mining occurs by keeping coins on wallets;
the introduction of a UTXO core from the bitcoin network eliminates unspent transactions;
a virtual machine (EVM) was borrowed from the ETH network, due to which master-contracts function – an improved version of traditional smart-contracts.
In addition, the approach used by the creators of the Quantum cryptocurrency allows separate Daps – decentralized applications – from different blockchains to interact with each other through a specially created software bridge.

Description of the differences between Qu and Bitcoin

While bitcoin is content with its leadership, providing limited functionality, the creators of Quantum are working on a platform aimed at developing and launching decentralized applications and smart contracts.

In the UTXO model, transactions are used as input unspent coins, which are subsequently destroyed, and new UTXOs are created as outputs. The UTXO model has a parallel processing function with the ability to initialize transactions between multiple addresses. In addition, it maintains a higher level of privacy for these users and offers the ability to change the address, which serves as an exit in the transaction.