World Leading Investment Coins – Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint is owned by the Government of Canada, being a diversified and integrated corporation, whose activities are divided into the following areas: minting small change coins of Canada and other countries, as well as numismatic (collection) coins, investment products; provision of services for refining and storage of precious metals.

In 1976, the demand for change coins from the growing Canadian population necessitated additional production. A state-of-the-art, high-tech manufacturing facility was opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the sole purpose of producing top quality small change coins for Canada and, to date, 75 other countries. In 1979, the Mint created the first 0.999 gold coin with a stunning maple leaf on the reverse.

In 1982, the Mint minted for the first time a gold bullion coin with a fineness of 0.9999. The Mint also refines gold for bullion, fractional gold coins, and popular collectible coins.  Moreover.

in 2007 the Mint released the world’s first gold bullion coin made of precious metal with a hallmark of 5 nines in the form of a record 100-kilogram coin with a denomination of 1 million Canadian dollars. To date, the Mint is issuing a range of 0.99999 gold bullion coins with attractive designs, the highest denomination (200 Canadian dollars), legal tender and 1 ounce weight.

The diversification at the Mint is evident in the provision of safe custody services for precious metals, as well as the introduction of Canada Gold and Silver Exchange Checks, which allow individuals to purchase and sell checks proving ownership of physical gold or silver held securely at the Mint.

The Mint’s excellence in precious metal refining is underpinned by the London Good Delivery certification, which is given by an internationally recognized assay laboratory, one of the best in the world.

The high quality of refining is also determined by a responsible attitude to the issue of the conditions of the mined gold. The Mint has developed an appropriate program, according to which the entire supply chain of incoming gold products is constantly monitored and controlled.

As an unrivaled innovator and leader in the precious metals industry, the Mint is committed to investing in research and development to provide customers with the best combination of quality, value and safety in the world.

They are well recognizable due to the characteristic and iconic image of the Canadian maple leaf on the reverse of the coin.

Additional security

As for the investment coins “Maple Leaf”, the Royal Canadian Mint has created, among other things, one of the safest investment coins. The Mint has replaced the traditional flat bullion face of the entire Maple Leaf bullion series.

including both platinum and palladium versions, with micron-accurate radial lines. The unique width and height of the lines create the effect of light diffraction, and each coin has this characteristic. The security of the coin is based on a minted micro-engraved sign in the shape of a maple leaf silhouette, created by a laser during the minting process.

This mark gives the Maple Leaf gold and silver bullion coins a unique fingerprint, similar to a human fingerprint, which can be read by a special device kept at the Mint that determines the “DNA” of the coins. Within seconds, this mark is determined in the Mint’s secure database, which provides confidence to investors, making it easier to verify the authenticity of their investment coins.


As part of the Mint’s range of services, it is also possible to securely store coins and ingots made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The Mint maintains one of the largest precious metal vaults in Canada, holding precious metals on behalf of individuals, wealth management companies, and institutional investors. All stored metals are insured by the Mint, owned by the Government of Canada, which has a credit rating of ‘AAA’.

Exchange checks

The Mint also sells exchange checks.  Each exchange check is backed by the Canadian government and represents Her Majesty’s unconditional commitment to Canada. Checks are listed in Canadian dollars, US dollars on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They can be redeemed monthly for physical gold and silver in the form of freshly minted Royal Maple Leaf Mint ounce coins, as well as an assortment of bars.

Gold investment coins “Maple Leaf”

The Gold Maple Leaf is one of the most popular gold coins in the world.  Since then, it has become a coveted purchase for investors due to its beautiful design and unsurpassed quality. Moreover, it was the first coin minted in 0.9999 gold.