Top 3 cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2022

The economic situation in the world often causes concern on the part of people who care about the safety of their assets. For this reason, there are very few truly reliable areas for investment. Not all people can adequately determine where to invest in order to get the greatest profit.

The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrencies is that ordinary money has ceased to be a reliable investment. For this reason, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity.

They are more stable and less susceptible to rate fluctuations due to such events. Among their advantages, the following factors should be primarily attributed:

growth prospects.
At the same time, people who want to invest in cryptocurrency should take into account the fact that they have quite a hard work ahead of them – they will have to, for example, track rates, make a choice quickly. Only if you are ready to constantly develop and learn, investments in cryptocurrency will bear fruit.

There are a huge number of cryptocurrencies on the modern market, which is why many ordinary people have doubts about which option should be preferred. Experts identify several of the most reliable and promising coins.

It stands out from competitors due to the fact that it is universal and suitable, for example, for creating crowdfunding campaigns. With Waves, ordinary users get the opportunity to create their own tokens and release them to the market, and then earn from them.

Waves has risen in price especially sharply in 2021. During this period, its rate increased by almost 200%, which is a very good indicator in the field of cryptocurrencies. Waves can be used as a regular trading platform, where all basic operations are available to users. These include, for example, the transfer of funds, the purchase of tokens, and so on. The capitalization of this platform is constantly growing, and currently stands at as much as $3 billion.

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This platform is also quite famous all over the world. Its distinctive feature is that it allows you to transfer funds to people that do not need to be stored. In order to use the capabilities of Unsnap, a person does not even have to register in the system.

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This cryptocurrency is the best option for those people who want to receive passive income. With the help of Resub, this is quite possible to achieve. For this reason, if you do not have the desire to constantly monitor changes in rates, it is worth investing in Resub.

The bottom line is the gradual increase in the value of coins. This is a fairly popular concept among users, since now exchange rate fluctuations will be influenced not only by economic and political events, which are mostly unpredictable.

A distinctive feature of this coin is that it is very closely related to Bitcoin. For this reason, any changes in the rate can affect this coin as well. However, there are pluses in this plan: the growth of the Bitcoin rate will mean that the owner of Resub will make a profit.

Experts warn that it is not worth waiting for the explosive growth of this cryptocurrency. A calm ascent is possible. However, they note that Resub has very good prospects and may well become one of the market leaders.

Among the advantages of this platform is the fact that the entry threshold here is very low. In order to become an investor, a person needs only 1 dollar.

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This coin is the undisputed leader. This is due to the fact that for most people it is she who personifies all other cryptocurrencies. Experts in the field note that this is rather ironic, since Bitcoin is currently noticeably inferior to newer competitors in terms of technology. It is less secure, functional and convenient to use even compared to those coins that are not included in the top ratings. Therefore, we only have to put up with this fact: anyway, its capitalization will only continue to grow.

Among the main disadvantages of Bitcoin, first of all, it is worth mentioning that it is extremely susceptible to the influence of market sentiment. Since this particular coin is the personification of cryptocurrencies for the masses, any changes in the world affect it immediately. However, experts also find positive aspects in this:

In order for the Bitcoin price to rise, the slightest reason is enough. Experts who are well versed in this area can learn how to correctly analyze the situation on the market and sell or buy a coin in time, while making a good profit.
Throughout its existence, Bitcoin has had exceptionally positive dynamics. This ensures that the acquisition of this cryptocurrency in any case, even in the event of an unexpected fall in the rate, there will not be a situation that will lead to the loss of all funds – it can still level off and even set a new record.
In any case, you can find a person who wants to buy coins from you.
As long as Bitcoin occupies a leading position, experts advise giving preference to this particular cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency mining will require expensive equipment, and it does not always pay off. If you want to mine this coin, it is worth renting someone else’s capacities. For this reason, many experts recommend giving preference to more conservative methods of earning. So, for example, you can simply speculate on the stock exchange, as in the case of any other asset – sell at a higher price, and buy – at a lower one.