The most expensive gold coins in the world

In 2010, the President of the Rare Coin Traders, Stephen Contours, auctioned off a 1794 silver dollar for $7,850,000 to the American company Rare Coin Wholesalers. This sale is a world record among sales of rare coins. In total, 2,000 of these coins were made in 1794.

242 of which were immediately destroyed due to poor quality, the remaining 1,758 were donated to various US officials. As you can see in the photo, the silver dollar is a round coin in the center of which, on one side, there is an image of a girl with flowing hair, which symbolizes Freedom. Above the bust is the inscription “LIBERTY” and 15 stars on the sides, which symbolized the number of states in the United States at the time the coin was issued. On the other side is an image of a bald eagle, which is the national symbol of the United States.

On one side of the coin there is an image of the Statue of Liberty with an olive branch in her left hand and a torch in her right hand, and on the other side there is an image of an eagle with wings spread wide. In 1933, more than 455 thousand of these coins were minted.

but due to the economic crisis in 1933, the United States decided to abandon gold coins and melted down all these coins, except for 20 pieces that were stolen from the mint and were later bought by the jeweler Israel Sweet. Swift sold nine coins to private collectors.

one of whom was the king of Egypt. Soon, US intelligence agencies managed to confiscate all the coins, except for the coin sold to the king of Egypt. In 1991, this coin ended up in Briton Stephen Fenton, but it was also confiscated. Stephen filed a lawsuit, which, after a long litigation, decided to sell this coin at auction, and the proceeds to be divided between the US Treasury and Fenton.

In 1787, the jeweler Ephraim Brasher produced the first gold coin in the United States with a face value of 15 dollars. At the very bottom of the coin is the word “Brasher”, and just above the sea is depicted. The reverse of the coin depicts an eagle with its head turned to the right, and around it are thirteen stars, which symbolize the 13 states. The chest of the eagle is completely covered by a shield.

and in the claws on the left side it holds arrows, which symbolizes war, and in the right, an olive branch, symbolizing peace. The fact that this is the only coin with a stamp on the chest of an eagle is considered to be of particular value.

in the rest of the coins the stamp was made on the left wing of the eagle. In 2005, this coin was bought for $2.990.000 and in many similar ratings it takes 5th place, but more recently, at the end of 2011, at an auction in New Orleans, an anonymous buyer paid $7.400.000 for this coin, which gives it the right to be considered the third most expensive coin in the world.

This 5-cent coin was minted from 1883 to 1912, and more than 570 million copies have been issued since then. As already mentioned, the release of these coins was completed in 1912, but in 1913 five more coins were minted illegally, apparently by a mint employee (known). In 2006, one of these coins was sold to the rare coin company “Legend Numismatics” for $4,150,000.

This coin is unique in that in 1834 the US government gave the order to issue a gift set from all the coins that were in circulation at that time. But out of 15 such silver dollars, due to the mistake of the Mint employees, one coin of 1804 was issued, which, as you know, was not in circulation in 1834. This coin has been resold many times and was last bought by a private collector in 2008 for $3,737,500.

The Rolled Edge Eagle is a $10 coin that was produced in 1907 in the United States. This coin was in circulation until 1933. Experts say that there are no more than 50 such coins left in the world, which are stored in collectors and museums.

The obverse of the coin depicts the head of an Indian, and 13 stars are located in the upper part. On the reverse side of the coin there is a bald eagle – the symbol of the United States, and three inscriptions: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “TEN DOLLARS”, and the last one on the left side – “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, which translates as “Out of many – one”. In 2011, one of these coins was sold at auction for $2,185,000.

On one side of the coin, a female head is depicted, which symbolizes Freedom, and on the second, the inscription “ONE DIME”, surrounded by wreaths. As for the 1984 coins, they are known by the name of their engraver Barber as “1894-S Barber Dime”. The 1894 Barber coins were minted in San Francisco in an amount of 24 pieces. Of these, only nine coins are known. In 2005, one of these coins was sold for $1.3 million, and 2 years later another coin was bought by an anonymous collector for $1,900,000.