Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

Cryptocurrency remains one of the most promising areas for investment. Many people choose to invest in digital coins to get a high return.

There are recognized market leaders – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin and others. In addition, there are other promising cryptocurrencies that can skyrocket in price.


Cryptocurrencies have already proven their safety, reliability, ease of use. And among the young projects making their way into the world of big finance in 2022, Tamadoge stands out.

The new meme crypt incorporates the best of the metaverse, an NFT game with unique in-game items, a P2E mechanism that allows you to earn money by playing. Therefore, the Tamadoge ecosystem will be attractive to inexperienced and advanced gamers, creative people, active traders, passive investors.

In the TAMA universe, players will be able to raise unique pets. Caring for a virtual puppy is like a Tamagotchi, but only in Tamagotge, dog owners are rewarded with TAMA tokens. Adult pets add more fun and earn extra income when they win fights with other pets.

Battle Infinity

This is a unique cryptocurrency platform for fantasy sports fans. Users have a convenient and efficient ecosystem at their disposal. In Battle Infinity, you can earn money in games, on bets, and make exchange transactions.

Users can purchase the cryptocurrency of this platform or receive it as a prize.  Participants of the crypto project are offered several games where they can earn money.

All these games are integrated with the world of the Metaverse. Users can enjoy the exciting process. Participants compete, interact with other players, and explore the virtual space.

The project coin is the IBAT token, which runs on the Binance blockchain. The total supply is 10 billion units. The platform is great for game lovers. Beginners and experienced users join the project.

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Lucky Block

The blockchain gaming platform attracts many users. The Lucky Block cryptocurrency is based on the desire to increase the honesty and transparency of online games. Thanks to this, the project has gained great popularity.

More than 57 thousand people joined it. So take part in competitions and get rewarded. Each of the players has equal chances with other users.

The platform is characterized by a high level of security, so you can not worry about the safety of your own funds.

To join this project, first buy BNB. Next, go to the Lucky Block website and make an exchange. To do this, you will need to connect the wallet and indicate the exact amount you are going to invest.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin holds a strong leadership in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is the most secure digital asset currently in existence. In terms of capitalization, BTC significantly outperforms other coins.

This cryptocurrency appeared in 2009 and still holds a strong lead. Investors continue to prefer bitcoin, as such investments can bring excellent returns.

Bitcoin has high liquidity, therefore it will always be attractive to investors. Of course, to make money on this coin, you need to make smart deals – otherwise you will burn out. However, bitcoin itself is very promising for investments. Moreover, investments in this cryptocurrency are profitable in the long run.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has never been able to challenge Bitcoin. But this cryptocurrency holds a confident 2nd place in the market. This is the best of the altcoins, investing in this asset can bring a very good income.

According to many experts, Ethereum remains relevant in 2022. Interest in the coin remains due to the manufacturability of the project.  Cryptocurrency allows for fast and secure transactions.

Ethereum is characterized by smooth and efficient operation. We also managed to get rid of high commissions within the network. This is a promising investment opportunity. ETH is great for long-term investments.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is a unique cryptocurrency with a cross-chain solution. Other blockchains can connect to this project. Moreover, this interaction occurs both within Cosmos and with external networks.

More than 250 applications have been launched in the project ecosystem. Their total capitalization exceeds $70 billion. Space infrastructure is used by BSC, Qredo, OEC. ATOM technologies have no analogues among other crypto projects. The exception is Polkadot, which offers a similar solution.

The volume of capitalization of the cryptocurrency itself is $8.6 billion.  Experts are confident in the growth of the ATOM coin. So the option of investing in this cryptocurrency is worth considering.

Solana (SOL)

The Solana cryptocurrency works on the PoS and PoH protocols, due to which transactions are carried out at high speed. Such operations are also characterized by safety and reliability.

The project is focused on working with decentralized financial systems and applications, and also allows you to run smart contracts. SOL token holders get access to platform features.

It takes only 0.4 seconds to create one SOL block. Mining costs are much lower here.

On the Solana blockchain, the Audius service, the DeFi Land game, the Saber crypto exchange, and about 900 different programs were created. This is a very popular cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $15 billion.

Lite coin (LTC)

This coin is called the little brother of bitcoin, since LTC is based on it. Litecoin managed to correct those disadvantages that were typical for BTC. The new coin has become much faster (4 times) and more convenient. In terms of the speed of a transaction in the Litecoin network, it can be compared with sending messages on social networks.

Although some investors are skeptical about Litecoin, considering it a copy of BTC, there are no serious grounds for such an attitude. This coin is worth a closer look, as it shows good results. In favor of investing in Litecoin is its smooth growth.