5 most promising cryptocurrencies in 2022

Sanctions, withdrawal of many financial organizations from the Russian market, restriction of Visa and MasterCard, disconnection of banks from SWIFT. In 2022, it has become difficult not only to make money in the financial sector, but simply to keep the existing capital.Let’s take a look at five of the most promising options for this year and why it’s worth investing in blockchain-based platforms at all.

Challenges of 2022 and cryptocurrencies

To begin with, why it is worth mastering (if you have not already done so) cryptocurrencies. The state of affairs in 2022 for Russians (and at the same time for Belarusians, and indeed for the entire CIS) is not the most rosy. The situation in Ukraine, the rise in prices for everything and everyone, the disruption of supply chains and transactions, the looming energy crisis in Europe, sanctions. Especially the sanctions that have turned the country’s financial market upside down.

In fact, Russia was disconnected from global financial capital, and therefore the blockchain remained the only way to somehow save and even increase capital. The main theses for buying coins:

Decentralization. Cryptocurrencies do not depend on the printing presses of a particular country and the desires of the left heel of the Ministry of Finance of the states. When it is impossible to predict in which fiat currency to store capital, crypto is the only reasonable choice.

Capitalization. In 2021, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency sector exceeded $3 trillion. Yes, in January it fell by 40%, but then it again showed stable growth. In any case, capitalization exceeds possible medium-term risks.
Growth in demand. On the one hand, there is a growing demand for cryptocurrency among ordinary users to make payments. But the main thing is the growing interest of investors in this kind of money. The spring of 2022 shows a steady increase in investment in emerging and already developed, long-running and well-established platforms.

Why Cryptocurrency Growth Is Inevitable

At its core, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have remained the only islands of at least some kind of reliability. It is not known what will happen to the dollar, euro or yuan (we are generally silent about the ruble). The situation in the world is so unstable that not a single financial expert can give a clear 100% forecast.

If earlier investments in cryptocurrencies came only from individuals and some private companies, now there has been a turning point. The governments of the United States (and this is the largest economy on the planet), Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, the Emirates and Hong Kong to a heap have stopped fighting crypto. The matter is moving towards the adaptation of new types of payments and the equation of fiat currency with cryptocurrency.  Which, of course, will increase the cost of coins and give impetus to the stable development of the sphere in the medium term.

Best cryptocurrencies to invest

Let’s talk right away. Below we will not consider Bitcoin. Only promising and strong competitors will be included in the list. Naturally, each of them has both its advantages and risks, and therefore do not forget about capital diversification.

It has existed for many years, acts as one of the indicators of the crypto market, and capitalization has reached $300 billion. More importantly, the Eth 2.0 update is coming soon. The bottom line is to abandon mining and switch to PoS (Proof-Of-Stake), which will increase the cost of the coin and speed up the network.

The main thing is that Ethereum has been on a par with Bitcoin over the past years. A reliable, stable and efficiently developing coin is the best solution for medium and long-term investments.

Other perks:

Strong community. A strong development team maintains a stable coin rate, which is important for long-term investment. The goal of $10,000 is already very close.
Strong positions. In 2018-2019, Ether proved that it can successfully compete with competitors (primarily with EOS). Coin is consistently among the top three market leaders and it is unlikely that anything will change in the near future.

Another negative point is the too high price tag of commission services within the network. Here you have to pay for security and stability, everyone chooses his own.


One of the top three strongest coins (after Bitcoin and Ether).  The ecosystem is made up of:

Trust Wallet. Actually, the wallet itself. Everything is classic – decentralization, storage, transfer, any other operations.
Binance Labs. Blockchain project incubator. Both for developers and investors.
Binance Research. Institutional-level research reports, research information and analysis for those wishing to invest in crypto.
Binance Chain. Software system with developers and community from all over the world. There is also a decentralized exchange Binance DEX built on Binance Chain.
Binance Exchange. Fast and convenient currency exchange.
Binance Academy.
There are other advantages, among which the launch of Launchpad stands out, which encourages investors to keep coins on balance.  By the way, there is also a Binance Charity service – charity, if someone is interested in this direction of spending money.