Top 5 cryptocurrencies in 2021, where to invest?


The global crisis has affected many digital coins, and now the specialists are faced with an important task – to make a forecast of the price of cryptocurrency in 2021. The turbulent 2020 makes you think about how to increase capital during the epidemic. Electronic currencies are becoming a good way of earning money for those who intend to get the maximum profit by ensuring sustainable growth in their deposits in any economic situation, says Vladislav PA push, financial analyst at LBLV.

The most promising cryptocurrency of 2021

The exchanges are overflowing with tokens that were developed to solve a wide variety of tasks. When planning the purchase of digital assets, a novice trader can get into a difficult situation, because assessing prospects requires special knowledge. Choosing the best currency for making money on the international market, it is necessary to study expert opinion, ratings, payback of each project.

Below, LBLV offers the top 5 cryptocurrencies of 2021 that can generate real income:

Chain-link (LINK) is a popular oracle network that has an independent structure. The technology is being implemented by 300 partners, which significantly increases the value of the coin. With the development of the ecosystem, the price of a financial asset is growing, and LINK coin is becoming more and more profitable for market players. It is a highly profitable instrument for long-term or medium-term investments.
Power is transferred to individuals who can improve the world through their exceptional talents and knowledge. They are able to create something new, useful for all inhabitants of the planet. Due to its merits, the virtual coin attracts new generation investors.
The year 2021 could bring her worldwide fame and contribute to a rapid increase in quotations. Development allows you to create functional applications. Its protocol enables fast transfer of information between blockchains using a shading mechanism. The developers have already evaluated the project using its functionality. DOT token is used to unite chains, to comfortably manage the system.
It has significant drawbacks, but has been holding the world leadership for a long time. The interest of large investors indicates that BTC is a profitable asset.
Ethereum (ETH) is the best cryptocurrency of 2021. After the transition to the new system, this digital coin breaks its previous records. It attracts investors, and the value of a financial asset is showing rapid growth.
When choosing the best investment tool, you should study the current situation for cryptocurrency in 2021, financial market experts from are sure. The forecast of experienced analysts will help you make a decision, make a big profit.

Where to get cryptocurrency 2021: top 3 best countries

Mining is becoming a profitable business, because many can buy cryptocurrency, and the number of large miners is very limited.  Wanting to make money on mining, a person must calculate the cost of electricity, which becomes part of the cost price.

To cut costs and maximize profits, LBLV analysts propose to consider several profitable countries for mining cryptocurrencies in 2021. The laws of these states do not prohibit the use of digital money, and the low price of electricity allows you to increase potential profits:

Kuwait is famous for its low electricity tariffs. The production of one bitcoin will cost 1415 US dollars.
Despite the fact that the state is going through hard times, you can get access to cheap electricity here. Mining one BTK will cost only $ 1,630.
Myanmar – this exotic country pleases its inhabitants with beautiful nature and affordable electricity prices. A miner can get one bitcoin for $ 3,087. While in Myanmar, he can visit many places of interest, temples and natural phenomena.
Choosing the best country for mining cryptocurrencies is an important step towards achieving the desired financial results. The cost of electricity depends on government policies and climatic zones. Living in Kuwait, Venezuela or Myanmar, the miner will get a good advantage over competitors.

Since childhood, Bram Cohen was fond of mathematics and the theory of algorithms. He was especially interested in those that would allow multiple participants to interact through the network on an equal footing. In the second half of the 1990s, Bram tried to implement his ideas in the Mojo Nation project. This platform made it possible to store encrypted files in parts at once on multiple computers connected to the network.

Mojo Nation offered a number of unique features such as end-to-end encryption, transparency for NAT and firewalls, and parallel multithreaded downloads. But the platform was never monetized. In the early 2000s, Mojo Nation ran out of money and the project fell apart.

Bram Cohen used the developments of the project for his next product – the Internet protocol BitTorrent and the application of the same name based on this protocol. Bram introduced them in 2001 at the DEFCON hacker conference, and in 2004 founded the Bitterant company, which became involved in supporting the protocol and applications for it.