An innovative approach to passive income: flexible staking and profitable farming with the Ascended crypto exchange

The topic of passive income is the trend of our time. If earlier investing in cryptocurrencies seemed like a labor-intensive process, accessible only to owners of large capitals, then in recent years the situation has changed radically – now passive income from crypto-currency investments has become a reality.  Being an active investor is a job, and a very difficult one. Only a few can beat the market for a long time, this occupation requires many years of experience and is not suitable for everyone.

A passive investor is essentially one who trusts his capital to manage. The approach is good in that it does not require involvement, and bad in that, by and large, nothing depends on a person. However, today there is a middle way – semi-passive investing, which requires a competent selection of tools, technical savvy and good knowledge in the chosen area. We are talking about Defib, an industry that literally blew up the cryptocurrency market two years ago. It is an ecosystem of decentralized applications (Daps) on the blockchain that work offline through a system of smart contracts that guarantee the execution of a transaction.

The beauty of Defib is that all the services that modern banks offer to a person can be obtained without contacting these organizations, interaction with which, firstly, is not always successful, and secondly, it requires the transfer of a huge amount of personal data to the bank , including phone numbers of acquaintances, names of relatives, the amount and number of wages received. In a world where the security of personal data is constantly compromised, Defib is the answer to one of the most important human needs – the desire to maintain privacy. To get a loan in Defib, a salary certificate is not required, and compliance with the terms of the contract is achieved through well-built incentives and the operation of self-executing smart contracts.

There is one essential detail in mastering Defib tools: you need to be a fairly tech-savvy user, far from a beginner, to understand how decentralized finance works. The main prospect of the industry is adaptation to the mass consumer, and it will become possible only with the advent of solutions designed for users of any level – from beginner to guru. This is exactly the solution that the Ascended cryptocurrency exchange offers, which combines the reliability of a centralized platform with a set of tools from the field of decentralized finance, with which any user can realize the dream of passive income.

About Ascended exchange

In December 2021, Ascended celebrates its third anniversary – in March of this year, the exchange was renamed, previously it was called Betamax. Created by Wall Strewers, the exchange has proven itself from the outset as one of the most exciting early-stage investment venues, and has hosted and continues to host successful initial token offerings, daily airdrops, and other related activities with which the blockchain savvy In startups, the investor can earn substantial recurring income.

The strengths of the exchange are the possibility of spot, margin and futures trading, and the leverage offered by Ascended is unprecedented in the market: x25 for margin trading and x100 for futures. Trading takes place through the familiar Trading View terminal, there is an excellent mobile application that has received high marks in the AppStore and Google lay. The listing of the exchange has a huge number of coins and tokens. The marketplace offers several ways to fund your account, including a fiat card. Commissions on the exchange are minimal even for the first level of traders – from 0. There is an internal exchanger where assets are spotted with zero commission.

Additional earning opportunities on Ascended

For those who do not want to spend a lot of time trading, there is a solution for passive investment. Unlike other trading platforms, this direction on Ascended is designed for investors of any level – there are very simple tools where you can understand how they work in a couple of minutes, and more complex products designed for professionals who are deeply aware of the market. However, the team tried to make these tools as convenient as possible. So, we present to your attention a set for passive investment from Ascended – I must say, there really is plenty to choose from.

Staking: self-propagating money

Staking is a way of mining cryptocurrency that came after mining. If mining with its Proof of Work algorithm requires huge technical power, then staking with its Proof of Stake algorithm requires one user’s PC. All you need to do to make money in staking is not to spend coins, but to keep them in your wallet, where, in accordance with their number, a percentage of reward will be charged – similar to a bank deposit, but with a higher yield.

If deposits in banks have long shown almost negative returns, taking into account inflation, but on successful staking you can get 20%, and even 40% per annum, and in some cases even more – but here you need to be aware: the higher the percentage, the higher the risk. The possibility of participating in the staking of coins of different projects is not new in itself – today many sites and wallets offer this service. However, staking on Ascended has its own unique features that give users significant benefits.

Problems with traditional staking

In traditional staking, the user agrees to lock up an asset for an extended period of time. Unlocking does not happen all at once and requires a long period of unlinking, during which the owner does not have access to his assets and at the same time no longer receives rewards for staking. In addition, there is another inconvenient moment associated with traditional staking: when the asset is locked, the user cannot trade it, which is especially unpleasant during unfavorable market movements, when it would be more profitable for the user to sell coins in order to then buy them back at a better price. and stake again.