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Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization, surpassing all other cryptocurrencies by 19 times, and the second largest for Ethereum.

The limitation ensures that inflation does not lower the cost.

When users devote computing power to mining bitcoins, they are rewarded in the form of payments for transactions and newly created coins. Coins can be bought or sold for other cryptocurrencies or for common currencies such as the US dollar or the Euro on many exchanges that act as exchangers for physical currencies.

For example, Trading View accepts bitcoin as an annual subscription fee, being one of the many companies that sell their online products or services with bitcoin.

How to double your deposit in a week. Without registration and SMS. Happy New Year everyone, colleagues! Didn’t bounce as expected, and okay. It’s even calmer for me. Basically, I’m not particularly interested in all these intermediate bounces within the framework of my strategy.

Its essence is to pick up the trend from “corner to corner” increasing from month to Exit from the triangle down. We wrote about this scenario on December 9: On the daily timeframe, we have not yet reached the targets for shorts. Historically, this intersection has been accompanied by a further decline. Hello friends! There is an assumption that the bulls will begin to resurrect in the market in early January, namely in the period from 5 to 7 January. In our chat we said that it sounds “non-halal”; The Fib extension on the period gives us this assumption.

The bull market is half a year, and half a bear market. I talk about this in the video. All decrease in Urgent buy !!! Strong upward movement in January February.  Futures started at almost maximum values. One of the options.

Currently, the bulls defend the level Unable to withstand the bearish onslaught, the price risks dropping to the mark: after which, it is likely to meet a bullish rebuff in this area, there are a lot of limit orders. If the price breaks the red line and consolidates at the mark, a breakout of the next price level is likely. Pay attention, the process Bounced off the key level on the weekly TF.

The main version of the development of events within the framework of the current decline is the formation of a triple zigzag with a further decline to the area of ​​0, according to the fib to the area. IN the wave Z, the wave probably takes the form of a horizontal triangle with an exit to the wave of Z.

Cancellation of the variant with a triangle will occur after the breakout. Cancellation of the variant with a triple zigzag Hello everyone again! The other day, at the BTCUSD rate, there was an exit from the triangle downward, accompanied by another hairpin, which was a signal for the continuation of sales.

Let me note that the decline was with a break of the important. It’s time to reveal all the cards and acquaint you with my author’s trading strategy, which has no analogues, and in principle, you will not be told about it anywhere. I have no goal to teach someone. I’m just suggesting that you look at this market from a different perspective. There are several objective reasons to believe that the CME guys are manipulating the market; TradingView is a platform with professionals where everyone learned to make money.

Someone applying more, someone less popular methods of market analysis. Many people think with me will agree that the name, in principle, is not important. A basic understanding of market mechanics and discipline is more important. How often in your life have you met not entirely successful or ignorant people who said I greet everyone! Write requests for cryptocurrencies, altcoins, we will be happy to consider.

First of all, hello to all real market participants! I do not dream here and do not argue a la, if not up then down if not down then up .. I understand that this idea will not be particularly interesting to anyone, since here is a specific strategy with real trading decisions. Of course, our views on the market may not coincide, and everyone trades as they can.

Financial forecasts Bitcoin dominance chart by capitalization of the entire market. You may have noticed that in the last month many altos have grown by a large percentage. Good afternoon friends!

A mistake made in the counting results in a stop loss. And the fewer stops we get, the better our result.

There was a mistake in this area. Currently, we are forming a triple zigzag, after which I expect the beginning.

A measured move is a fairly lengthy figure to form.

A bearish gradual move consists of three continuous phases, or stages.  Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts Authors. Forecasts and analysis.

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