what is cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was accepted as a legal means of payment in El Salvador, there was a ban on the operation of cryptocurrency in the Celestial Empire, and trading of the ETF currency investment fund started.

In the same 2021, in the context of a progressive pandemic, the number of fraudulent schemes with virtual assets increased, as a result of which billions in dollars were stolen. However, the popularity of cryptocurrency is only growing.

Does it make sense to buy cryptocurrency?

For those who are seriously interested in the question of what a virtual currency is and how it works, the answer is unequivocal: it is worth investing.

But if you have experience in investments, there is a chance to make good money on it and improve your financial prospects.

Investments should be made in the type of currency that meets individual needs, ideas, and also taking into account the expected profit. Definitely, the chosen cryptocurrency should have unshakable prospects.

The first condition for the choice should be the “transparency” of the currency, and the principles of its exchange and withdrawal should exclude over-costs, with regard to commission fees and time resources. This means that not only a fairly promising project will justify itself, but also one involving the development of technologies and innovations. We need exactly the project that will provide the best opportunities for increasing profits now and in the future.

Among those that have proven themselves in 2022, the following types of cryptocurrency should be noted.


Bitcoin leads the cryptocurrency market and is set to rise steadily as the consumer aligns it with the immediate concept of cryptocurrency. An interesting situation, but against the background of modern standards, bitcoin is far from being in the forefront among competitors. It is inferior to analogues in the field of security, functionality, ease of use. At the same time, bitcoin is a monetary symbol that has enriched many, and therefore the irrepressible growth of its capitalization continues.

The disadvantage of bitcoin is its excessive dependence on the state of the market. And since this unit can be used to track the prospects of the cryptocurrency system in general, any sentiments of market participants are immediately reflected in the same dollar. But there are also advantages to this inconsistency:

sudden increases in the minimum provocation for bitcoin are almost the norm. Those who carefully analyze the news manage to withdraw income from the sale, and then buy an additional amount of bitcoins on the rollback of the course.
The value of the currency is growing, which will continue, given its untapped potential.
The user will never experience a drop in demand for bitcoin. The transaction is approved almost instantly and immediately carried out. For cryptocurrency, this situation is of extreme importance: after all, in an unforeseen situation, assets are not canceled due to a decrease in demand.

And while bitcoin is relevant, experts advise investing not in mining, but in this type of currency. Due to the complexity of the technical processes of BTC mining and the increased cost of equipment, mining against the background of conservative earnings is less and less justified: the acquisition of a coin in the lower position of values ​​and sale at the time of increase.

When mining on your equipment, there is a possibility of unpaid investments, when all the resources spent turn into zero. In order not to find yourself in a similar position, you need to use borrowed power to purchase Bitcoin, which is discussed in more detail below.

Official sources for getting acquainted with the crypt:


This is the undisputed leader among free currencies, in connection with which experts predict an income of 200-350% by the end of 2022. The coin reached the $4,000 level and high expectations are an important factor in its growth. Users are interested in the launch of Ethereum 2.0, a new version of the coin operating on the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

Modern Ethereum is a currency with a huge number of developers studying an upgrade, this type of cryptocurrency has the maximum usability. The update should provide not only more economical, but also the most efficient transactions between the owners of this type of currency. According to experts, the Ethereum digital economic system is destined for rapid development.

Of course, the cryptocurrency is not without competition, but Ethereum holds the lead. And as the story with bitcoin confirms, in the world of cryptocurrencies, authority among technologically advanced competitors plays an important role.

In 2022, it is likely that most holders will be able to capitalize on the volatility of Ethereum, however, it is worth considering keeping a certain percentage of the currency for the purpose of long-term holding. Analysts have different opinions about the period when exactly the potential of the ecosystem will be justified. In the face of uncertainty, opposing bettors are talking about a jump in historical significance within the first five or ten years. Take care of an asset in ETH – and investments will please with an impressive increase in the amount of 500 to 800%.

Lite coin

Forecasts in 2022 are not unambiguous, so it is difficult to determine what will happen: a price increase or a price decrease.  With external similarity, it is possible to count on the efficiency of transactions (the difference is 4 times), a high level of comfort during the upcoming work.