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Promising altcoins: top 2022

Since ancient times in Russia it has been established – with the New Year approaching, you need to throw around expensive boots, try to see the signs in the coffee crema and, of course, looking at the charts of the crypto market, exclaim: “Now altcoin name will definitely take off!”. Well, let’s not break with tradition. Altcoins that will grow in 2022 (but this is not certain) – to your attention!

Ethereum. Only the lazy was not talking about Ethereum’s prospects for 2022. We are not lazy, and we will also say: gritting our teeth and puffing our nostrils, Vitali Butlerin’s team will commission ETH 2.0. Even the updated network will not solve the problem of high fees, but this will be enough for the rate to go up, and investors thought for some time that everything was going according to plan.

Ethereum Classic. Incredible, but true: Ethereum’s success will help its eternal competitor – Ethereum Classic. Not everyone likes the upcoming transition of ETH to Proof-of-Stake, and “not everyone” has an alternative – Ethereum Classic (ETC). The same ether, but with good old mining. The audience of a small network can grow sharply – capitalization will go up with it.

Polygon Network (ex-MATIC). In case something goes wrong with the Ethereum team – that is, as usual – there are all sorts of add-ons that allow you to work with ether faster and spend less money on network operations and generally do a lot of useful work. The main character in the direction is Polygon.

Shiba Innu. All good projects sooner or later leave the radars of investors, and only Shiba Innu has been able to excite the imagination of traders for a whole year. The Joke Token team has taken the right position by continuing to expand the use cases for the Shiba.

Fluke Inuk. The year ends – Fluke wakes up. “Mafia” Fluke Innu at the end of 2021 took up marketing seriously. The token is being promoted successfully and not by the football clubs Cadiz and Kerala Blasters, as well as by boxer Tyson Fury. Increasing brand awareness and launching its own metaverse will help Fluke add value.

Symbol. After a long lull, the NEM / Symbol team made themselves felt. The developers have pleased with real solutions. More precisely, the decision is to support sub chains. Now they expect: other crypto projects will join them as hooks. Heading to cross-chain, yo-ho-ho!

BNB. It was not without ether again. While Butlerin’s project remains slow and expensive – it already seems like it has always been – more agile competitors are expanding on all fronts. One of these: Finance Smart Chain with its own BNB token. The ecosystem has two advantages at once: a) it is fast and lures application developers away from the air; b) the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world stands behind it.

CRO. While CRO – the token of the exchange and the blockchain – is not the most famous. But if Chris Marsala’s team succeeds in the development of their decentralized ecosystem as well as in marketing, the success of the coin is guaranteed.

Polka dot. A technically strong project today is one of the leaders in all kinds of ratings. Not surprisingly, Polka is being developed by Gavin Wood, an experienced programmer and co-founder of Ethereum. Yes, ETH seems to be indispensable. Gavin also heads the Web3 Foundation, the largest organization overseeing the transition to Web3. So a spot in the bright future of Polka dot is guaranteed. Moreover, Polka is aimed at cross-chain. And to make it more convincing, we recall: in October Polka dot launched a fund for supporting third-party developers worth $ 770 million.

Cardanol. Since Ethereum and its founders are nowhere to be found, here’s another project for you. Cardanol is a top 10 blockchain and cryptocurrency from Ethereum co-founder Charles Hodkinson. The launch of smart contracts hasn’t helped Cardanol advance much in the Defib market.  However, the coin will be able to maintain the position thanks to the partnerships that the team recently established with the African states – recall that the continent remains one of the fastest growing, absorbing all new technologies.

Solana. Another cross-chain project. Anatoly Yakovenko’s project does not have a fund with $ 770 million. But there is a promise of launching a number of game projects. It remains to check the implementation.

Sandbox. By the way, about games. The Sandbox begins its victorious march among the gaming metaverse. And since it has just begun – right now the game is at the alpha stage – we should expect a sharp rise in the SAND token next year. Well, and note that the founder of the startup Ari Melic is busy with another project involving the developers of Ultima, Fortnight and other teams.

Avalanche. In addition to speed, cheapness, and this is all, the “Ethereum killer” has something else. More precisely, someone. The founder of the project is Mein Gunn Sorer, who developed his own cryptocurrency Karma even before the advent of bitcoin. True, no one saw her like that. And Deloitte, a consulting firm from Big4. It is rather weak to defeat the airwaves, but to strengthen the position – that’s it. An additional plus: Avalanche offers flexible customization of smart contracts. In particular, contracts can include permissions or bans on access to services for residents of certain countries – regulators will be satisfied.

Algor and. A bit like the crypto paragraph above – fast, cheap, experienced founder, big capital support. The ALGO team goes the farthest in theoretical research and claims – they managed to solve all the problems of the blockchain. Whether this is so – we will soon find out by the coin quotes.

Internet Computer. It seemed that discussions about the “Internet killer” on the Internet itself were seething and seething only recently. And so he disappeared from the headlines. However, what is dead cannot die, and what was blessed at the World Forum in Davos will certainly remind of itself. If you observe the activity of the ecosystem, then it is clearly growing. For example, DSCVR – an almost deserted analogue of Reddit from ICP at the start – is full of active users today. In general, services have increased – there are own clones of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Notify. Yes, we also don’t know what Notify is.