Russian cryptocurrency designer DecilalChain is now compatible with Ethereum and Finance Smart Chain

Decimal Chain blockchain network from Russian developers is now compatible with Ethereum and Finance Smart Chain. Interoperability between blockchains will serve as an incentive for creators of tokens and applications, will contribute to the development of an open financial system.

New projects with interesting ideas appear in the cryptocurrency world. One such project is Decimal Chain.

What is Decimal Chain

Decimal Chain is called the next generation blockchain because it has the advantages of the best blockchains without their disadvantages. It allows you to issue your own tokens, convert coins, generate cryptocurrencies on your own wallet.

With the help of the cryptocurrency constructor, anyone can issue their own currency and manage it without special skills.  It is a decentralized cryptocurrency launched on August 1st, 2020.

Decimal Chain is called the next generation blockchain because it has the advantages of the best blockchains without their disadvantages.
In Decimal Chain, any token of the network can be used as a commission to send any token or DEL coin.

The authors of the Decimal Chain project are the Bitstream and Krypton development teams. It was created on the basis of the Cosmos SDK – a safe and reliable solution for interaction between network nodes and ensuring consensus between nodes participating in the formation of network blocks.

its forks and many other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, different blockchain ecosystems are independent, and there is no interoperability between these assets that would allow them to interact with each other and exchange information.

Step forward

Thanks to its simple interface and broad functionality, the Decimal Chain project has gained popularity among the Russian-speaking crypto community. Now he has taken another step in the implementation of cross-chain solutions: full compatibility with the most promising and developed blockchains has been achieved. Thanks to this compatibility, all developers of tokens and projects on the Decimal Chain blockchain now have access to the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain and Finance Smart Chain. Ethereum is considered the backbone of blockchain products and the foundation of the modern blockchain industry.

“First of all, we wanted to make the rapidly developing Defib (decentralized finance) market more accessible – financial instruments created on the blockchain in the form of services and applications. PancakeSwap and unsnap – decentralized exchanges (DEX) of the Finance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains – have the largest offer of decentralized financial services in which tokens created on our blockchain can participate, ”says Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of DecilalChain.

The DecilalChain team is continually making improvements and adding new features. DecilalChain uses the best practices of the blockchain industry such as asset tokenization, instant payment, points in loyalty systems, cashback services, user identification, proof of ownership and authenticity of  fair voting, lending, etc.

With the ability to interact with multiple blockchain networks and the projects created on their basis, DecilalChain creates a conceptual and technological basis for collaboration.

Wrapped tokens

This project uses the so-called “wrapped” tokens. Wrapped tokens enable interoperability between blockchains.

In DecilalChain, during a transaction, tokens do not leave the ecosystem of the DecilalChain blockchain, but go into the so-called “frozen” state, while their equivalent is released on another blockchain. To do this, it is enough to initiate the start of the process of transferring wrapped tokens in any of the two compatible blockchains on a functionally and intuitively understandable console and return them to the DecilalChain network at any time.

Now the user can send wrapped tokens to the Ethereum blockchain, and from there to the Finance Smart Chain network, or vice versa, using one blockchain to register a crypto asset in the registry, and the second as a secondary market, initiating a token sale. This expands opportunities for crypto enthusiasts, offering new models and ways to make money on their crypto assets.

This will open up wide access to decentralized lending and new investment platforms, and will allow you to receive passive income from cryptocurrency assets.

The DecilalChain team is committed to delivering solutions that will incentivize token and application developers to drive the development of an open financial system. The interface from Russian developers opens up opportunities for all market participants to automate the process of generating income from crypto assets in other blockchain ecosystems.

The technological ecosystem allows finding new solutions, creating analogs of traditional financial models without the forced dependence on a third party. Deri’s goal is to make the blockchain-based financial system efficient, accessible, transparent and open. Deify can combine the benefits of the existing financial system while replacing intermediaries with smart contracts. Defib projects have the potential to transform the entire financial services industry.