how to profitably invest in gold coins

Irish mythology says that where the rainbow touches the ground, a pot of golden moments is hidden. Only the gnome-leprechaun guarding them can easily outwit a person who has coveted easy wealth. Leprechauns have remained a legend, and gold coins have not gone away after hundreds of years and remain a profitable tool for long-term investments. Let’s consider it in more detail.

So, what you need to know about gold coins first of all. There are two types – investment and memorable. The first is gold itself.’

an ingot in the form of a coin, its weight is guaranteed by the state. The circulation of such coins is high, but they have no collection value and cost as much as gold is currently on the market. The most obvious advantage of such coins is that they are very easy to sell. But they have little collectible value.

Commemorative and collectible coins are much more interesting. These are minted on the occasion of important dates, timed to coincide with various events. The circulation of such a coin can be only 100 pieces, a maximum of 25 thousand. It is more difficult to sell and buy a collectible coin, but investing in them, with all the risks, is much more profitable than just in gold.

There are two states of issue of gold coins – excellent, it is AC, comes from the English abbreviation UNC, that is, Uncirculated – not in circulation, as well as improved quality, it is also Proof – in this case, the surface of the coin is mirrored. The first option is typical for investment coins, the second is for collection coins.

The commemorative coins have a complex pattern and high surface quality. The weight and composition of the gold alloy from which they are made has almost no effect on the cost. The main criterion for such a coin is the size of the circulation. So it makes sense to invest in really rare coins.

Collectible coins are also issued in a small circulation, although it is larger than that of commemorative coins – 10-15 thousand pieces. They are usually released in series dedicated to various topics – nature, architecture, famous people, sports.

The advantage of purchasing investment coins is that this purchase is not subject to VAT. But keep in mind that Russian coins do not have a worldwide distribution, and it will be difficult to sell them abroad. So if you are going to sell them abroad in the future, it is better to focus on foreign options from the very beginning – Australian, Canadian, Chinese coins.

Another term to be aware of is bank spread. It is understood as the difference between the cost of acquiring a coin and the price of its subsequent delivery to the bank, which will never be in favor of the buyer. Profit from investment coins is directly related to the profitability of precious metals only in the long term.

Over long time periods, gold always increases in price, so these coins are good for long-term investments. Investing in collectible coins and small circulation commemorative coins is successful if you know which of them are of the greatest value. What type of coins to choose in the end depends on the purpose for which you invest in them.

You can buy coins, primarily collectible ones, in numismatic clubs and at auctions, including via the Internet, but here you should choose a site only with a very good reputation and carefully approach the conclusion of a transaction so as not to become a victim of scammers. When buying a coin in a bank, you should be given a special certificate confirming its authenticity.

Whatever coin comes into your hands, it is important to store it properly. Gold is a soft metal. Improper storage can cause scratches or dents on a coin, and this always reduces its value. The rules to follow so that your contribution does not lose value are simple.

Keep coins only in a dry place. Do not open the protective packaging in which the coin was purchased and do not touch it with bare hands at all.  So the textbook pot of gold is not your method anyway.

The price of a coin is affected by the current gold rate, the cost of its minting and its condition. Any coins, both investment and collectible, will be a profitable tool only for long-term investments, at least for 5 years.