7 best cryptocurrencies to invest

Cryptocurrency serves as digital currency or virtual money that has no physical value. Today, the network is gradually seeing a demand for earnings on cryptocurrencies, so many users are interested in knowing which cryptocurrency wallets should be opened in order to get good profit.

All cryptocurrencies that appeared after Bitcoin are called altcoins. The purpose of creating altcoins was originally to expand the technical capabilities and potential of BTC itself. Since at the moment the investment threshold is very high, due to the price of batch, altos are a good alternative. For example, Ethereum, in the last year alone, this altcoin has grown by almost 700%.

Top 7 best cryptocurrencies

By investing in cryptocurrencies, you can get high returns. When choosing a cryptocurrency for investment, you need to look at:


The list of advantages includes reliability with demand, increased security, user focus, an ever-expanding global blockchain ecosystem, multilingualism, privileged cashback and multi-platform access. Bitcoin is included in the international, public and global cryptocurrency rating, in accordance with the total trading volume. BTC is a reliable and popular system in terms of the total volume of user assets. It is important to point out that the platform uses a specialized type of distributed security system.


ETH is the first cryptocurrency that, after bitcoin, was able to make a significant contribution to the decentralized market. It was in the Ethereum blockchain that a smart contract was implemented, which has a Turing completeness. Thanks to this, financial systems received autonomy. They have ceased to be dependent on stock exchange, banking and other financial structures. Today, smart contracts are used by the best electronic platforms.

These electronic, secure and reliable platforms help to simplify the user’s access to digital financial products. They can exchange crypto assets, safely store funds in the wallet, take flash loans by concluding smart contracts.

The platform provides tools to create your own blockchains and smart contracts. Well-known projects in the form of stable coin, finance coin and many others have been released on the blockchain.  The main disadvantage of ETH is its low bandwidth and transaction cost. But, in 2020, a large-scale update was made that eliminates problems and brings the cryptocurrency market to a new level. Another disadvantage is network scalability. This is due to the use of high-quality codes by decentralized applications, large size of smart contracts.


BNB is a token that was issued by a crypto exchange. Initially, it was created on the air, but then migrated to the blockchain. Despite the fact that Finance is a centralized platform, there is an active development of decentralized products.

BNB is a functional token that is used to pay trading commissions, execute transactions through its own blockchain and participate in the launchpad, launchable, thanks to which holders can earn additional currencies.


LINK is a blockchain platform and, at the same time, a cryptocurrency that provides a decentralized network. Smart contracts concluded on it help in autonomous processing of transactions, monitoring the fulfillment of obligations of the parties. It differs from most platforms in that it offers the highest data accuracy. As a result, independent products are created to solve different problems.

Polka dot

DOT is considered a cryptocurrency and an open, decentralized platform that is being developed to create a reliable, flexible infrastructure for exchanging data between blockchains. The goal of the platform is to create a new Internet, where economic ineffective centralized management methods will become a thing of the past.


ADA is an open blockchain platform for the secure, stable operation of blockchain applications. The developers created and improved the system, thanks to which, in 2020, Cardanol was able to create a new technology standard and create its own fund for the development of blockchain products.

Sai coin


SC is a promising newcomer to the market.  It is a global type of decentralized storage that provides users with privacy and information security.

The developers use a local type of encryption, that is, users encrypt both the whole file itself and its separate part. As a result, no one will know about the types of file available for storage.

The advantages of sanction are the following points: transaction fees are lighter, block generation takes 100 times less time, network speed is high. The list of advantages includes the presence of progressive forecasts of the system’s cryptocurrencies, its own programming language, a new feature for the business area, interest with network involvement.