Gold investment coins: the best in the world

Most of the coins in circulation are not of great value. Their goal is to fill the market with a small bargaining chip, which will facilitate settlements between the seller and the buyer. Many countries are trying to issue beautiful coins, but due to the economic component, this is not always appropriate.

But in any country, for solemn events or a significant date, commemorative copies of coins are issued, usually in a small circulation. Here we will talk about such unique and original coins. The most beautiful coins in the world most often end up in the collections of numismatists, and you rarely see them. Let’s try to fill this gap.

For that time, the coin was skillfully minted and weighed approximately 4.2 grams. On one side, the prince was depicted, most likely in a sitting position, as small legs are visible in relation to the body. On the right, the coat of arms of the prince was minted in the form of a trident or a falcon.

On the reverse side was minted the image of Jesus Christ with a halo. On both sides of the oldest coin there were linear or dotted rims.

Beginners in investing often cannot decide which coins are more profitable – silver or gold. Silver is cheaper, but gold is more stable, easier to store, and offers higher returns in the long run.

When comparing two metals, silver loses for 3 reasons:

The increase in its price is unstable, worse predicted and significantly lower compared to gold.
Invested funds will bring a sensitive profit only when a lot with a significant total mass of metal is purchased.
Silver products are more demanding on storage conditions. They quickly oxidize, lose their luster and blacken, which automatically reduces their value.

Coin “French Angel”. France

A beautiful gold coin with a face value of only 20 francs became popular during the French Revolution.

On a small coin, the angel Auguste Dupre is depicted, next to him is the symbol of freedom-loving France – a rooster.

They began to call the lucky coin after Auguste Dupre was executed by lightning in the spire of the bell tower. The execution was canceled, and after a while the author of the press of the French Revolution was pardoned.

Since the release of the “French Angel”, the owners of this coin believe that it brings good luck and protects against trouble. In the United States, this coin is given at Christmas with wishes of happiness.

American Eagle, 1/10 oz.,

However, one of the best US gold bullion coins for beginners is the smallest gold eagle in terms of size.

The copy contains 1/10 ounce of 9167 gold.

In 2009, a beautiful $5 coin was issued in the Republic of Palau with the romantic name “Everything for You”.

The uniqueness of a coin is determined by many parameters.  A pink pearl is embedded in one of the hearts on the obverse. The circulation of this elegant coin is only 1000 copies.

Nearby on the sea waves is an open treasure chest.

At that time, the South African Krugerrand still dominated the market.

Chinese Pandas quickly gained popularity. The investment coin market was hungry for variety. The Chinese Panda with a fineness of 0.999 is widely available on the market. It is especially in demand among investors who want to diversify their portfolios both in terms of design and to attract international traders.

Unlike most bullion coins (with the exception of some offerings from the Australian Perth Mint), Panda offers new designs every year. This creates great opportunities for collectors. Adding 30 gram coins to your collection can not only increase its liquidity but also enhance its visual aesthetic.

The Golden Chinese Panda is one of the most economical means of buying gold. Despite the exceptional rarity and venerable age, the price of the rarity has not exceeded one million, but over time, its value is steadily increasing. At the time of their circulation, gold dinars were not rare, but only a few pieces have survived to this day. Historians believe that if it were not for the pilgrimage of Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz, they would never have fallen into the hands of European and American collectors, but this is an assumption not based on facts.

For a memorable event in the history of Great Britain, one of the most beautiful coins in the world was minted.

The reverse of the coin adorns the portrait of Queen Victoria at the moment of assuming power. The portrait is taken from the royal series, made back in 1840.

The composition of the unique coin is completed by the relief image of the Diamond Crown of Queen Victoria.