Promising cryptocurrencies for mining in 2021

The best option for finding new coins for mining is the 2CryptoCalc yield calculator. The service will tell you which cryptocurrency to choose for a particular video card and in what mode you need to mine it. In addition, it has an intuitive design and support for the Russian language.

What is better to mine. List of new coins on CoinMarketCap

To begin with, we go to the already familiar CoinMarketCap.

Previously, the list was regularly updated with new coins, now tokens predominate. It is easy to distinguish one from the other: if the value in the Circulating Supply column does not have an asterisk (*) – the coin can be mined.


Calculating profit is a thankless task. Whatever figure your mind deduces, the psyche seizes on it and begins to consider it the lowest possible option. That’s right, depression.

The pages of this article purposefully did not discuss possible options for profitability.  Our task is not to make the reader “lick their lips” at beautiful incomes. And to provide an understanding of exactly what calculations need to be done in order to have a chance to make a profit.

And you need a little: keep an eye on the complexity and evaluate the potential for a possible exchange growth of the coin (well, or fall). In other words: expect the worst. But hope for the best and be ready to switch to a new, more promising coin! This is it, mining in 2018.

New coins on pools

Any coin needs miners for stable operation..

Mambo Coin (MMB)

The coin was created as a token in a project that offers to find out the return on investment. Open an account and access prediction models. The own investment report is added to the collection.

Algorithm: X11,
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty: every day
Block Reward: 30 MMB up to 155000 blocks
Protocol: POS, POW; a profitable fixed income masternode network and a special offer for their launch.

Mining calculators

Apart from 2CryptoCalc, there is also WhatToMine. That is, it will also be possible to calculate with it how much bitcoins, lite coins and other coins can be earned that video cards cannot handle.

Crypto coins is another interesting calculator that sort of focuses on the Neos crypt algorithm.

Promising cryptocurrencies for mining in 2021

So, we have analyzed what mining is and how cryptocurrency exchanges work. But what can you earn this year with minimal losses and risks? Let’s analyze promising cryptocurrencies for mining in 2021.

ETH (Ethereum)

ETH or Ethereum is one of the most promising coins for mining. It is a decentralized platform on which similar applications and online resources can be created using blockchain and smart contracts.

The startup of this currency was so successful that many large concerns (Microsoft, VTB, Lufthansa, S7, Sberbank, etc.) became interested in it.

Year of creation: 2015.
Symbol: ETH.
Block generation time: 14.72 seconds.
Block reward: 2.91.
Total coins: unlimited.
Coins issued: 98180527.
Mining profitability, in a coin: 0.0051.
Mining profitability, in USD: 3.47.

ETC (Ethereum Classic)

The reason behind the creation of Ethereum Classic is a loophole in the DAO ETH code. It led to the theft of funds by hackers, the almost complete fall of the system, although the developers had not previously betrayed its significance.

In 2021, a hard fork was carried out, thanks to which all the stolen money was returned, and the system was stabilized. This is how Ethereum Classic was created.

Year of creation: 2021.
Symbol: ETC.
Block generation time: 15.47 seconds.
Block reward: 3.88.
Total coins: unlimited.
Coins issued: 100496623
Mining profitability, in a coin: 0.00042.
Mining profitability, in USD: 2.71.


Ellaism is a new cryptocurrency for mining in 2021, which is based on the Ethereum we already know. Based on it, a lot of coins are created. Developers simply take existing code, modify it a bit and add a new logo and name. For mining each block, you get 5 units of such a currency.

Year of creation: 2021.
Symbol: ELLA.
Block generation time: 14 seconds.
Block Reward: 4, 91.
Total coins: 280000000
Coins issued: 5659980.
Mining profitability, in coin: 0.00040
Mining profitability, in USD: 2.50


Musician is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for musicians. It is a whole system where creators can get rewarded for each listening to their track or album. No intermediaries or interest payments are needed to carry out transactions.  Mining is quite profitable.

Year of creation: 2021.
Symbol: MUSIC.
Block generation time: 4 seconds.
Block reward: 246.20.
Total coins: 536614696.
Coins issued: 671836284.
Mining profitability, in a coin: 0.00042.
Mining profitability, in USD: 2.66.