The most expensive coins in the world

Serious numismatics has long gone beyond the hobby. Rare coins have all the necessary investment properties: high price, increase in value over time and relatively high liquidity. Among them are both coins made tens and hundreds of years ago and having a huge collection value.

We present the rating of the most expensive coins in the world, the value of which is calculated in millions of dollars. Their price is comparable to the cost of the most expensive cars in the world: modern sports cars and rare racing cars. But, unlike supercars, coins require less costs for ongoing maintenance, maintenance and protection.

AU$1,000,000 Red Kangaroo 2012 – $57m

This is not only the most expensive coin, but also the heaviest. Made in a single copy. Its weight is 1012 kg, its diameter is 80 cm, and its thickness is 12 cm.

on the reverse side – a red kangaroo.  The drawings for the stamps were made using computer technology. After minting, the flaws were corrected, the edge was corrugated and polished, and a matte finish was applied to the entire surface, with the exception of the portrait of the queen.

For the first time, the giant rarity was presented to the public on October 27, 2011 at the Mint of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, who opened the summit of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and her former dominions. In total, the Commonwealth includes 54 countries.

The value of this huge banknote is calculated based on the gold exchange rate for the current day. Although the coin was actually made in 2011, it is dated 2012. Its creation, among other things, is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of Australian gold coins as an investment. They come in various denominations and are legal tender in Australia. Such coins are popular both among collectors and among investors around the world.

Golden “Double Eagle” 1933 – $ 18.87 million

The world’s second most valuable coin was sold for the indicated amount in June 2021 at Sotheby’s in New York. Its denomination is 20 dollars. Gold “Double Eagles” in 1933 were minted with a circulation of 445 thousand copies. However, due to the refusal of the US government from the gold standard, almost all of them were sent for remolding.

Two coins were donated to the Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. However, it turned out that about 20 more “Double Eagles” somehow fell into private hands. Subsequently, agents of the US secret services launched a real hunt for them. All “Eagles” were found and confiscated. Only a copy sold at Sotheby’s can now legally belong to a private individual. He acquired this status after a lawsuit between the US Treasury and the former owner, which ended in a compromise: the coin was sold at auction, the proceeds were divided equally.

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar – $12 million

In January 2022, entrepreneur Bruce Moreland sold the coin to a California company. Notably, he purchased Flowing Hair in 2013 for just over $10 million. The coin has historical value. This is the first silver dollar minted by the young US government.

The coin was intended to replace the Spanish, English, Dutch and French money that was in circulation in the post-colonial era. A total of 1794 coins of this sample were issued. To date, about 140 units are known to exist. The fabulous value of the copy sold for $ 12 million is explained by its exceptionally good condition – it has been preserved much better than the others.

Brusher’s 1787 Gold Doubloon – $9.36 million

Such a high price for the coin was paid by an unknown numismatist on January 21, 2021 at Heritage Auctions for the sale of the Donald G. Patrick collection in Dallas. Brashear’s gold doubloon is a privately minted coin. It was born due to the fact that in 1787 the US Mint had not yet issued its own metal money.

and the need for them was great. Jeweler Ephraim Brasher offered his services to the New York authorities, but they only agreed to bronze coins. Contrary to the ban, Brasher made several gold coins and thus went down in history. On each of them he left his own initials “EB” – they are visible on the wing of the eagle.

Silver dollar 1804 – $7.68 million

In August 2021, a part of the collection of the famous numismatist and investor D. Brent Pogue was exhibited at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction. Among the lots was the so-called “King of American Coins”. This is a silver dollar dated 1804 in collectible quality.

On the back there is an eagle and 13 stars, symbolizing the 13 colonies that signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  minted in limited quantities at the request of President Andrew Jackson – they became a diplomatic gift for world leaders, among whom was the Sultan of Muscat, Oman and Zanzibar Said ibn Sultan. He got the specimen known today as the “King of American Coins”.

Golden “Double Eagle” Saint-Gaudin 1907 – $ 7.6 million

This coin is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The famous sculptor August Saint-Godin worked on its design. The head engraver of the mint, Charles Barber, also had a hand in deciding to remove the words “In God We Trust” from the coin. US President Theodore Roosevelt didn’t mind. This did not please the US Congress, but the coin went into production anyway. One of the first copies, which has come down to us in perfect condition, was sold for $ 7.6 million.