Products on request “US Collectible Coins”

Coins made of precious metals from different countries for many residents of the Angara region have long been the best gift for the occasion. This is not just an original memorable souvenir, but also a profitable investment – silver and gold always remain in value. This week the Baikal Bank received new “precious gifts”.

In particular, the silver coins of Armenia of the “Signs of the Zodiac” series, dedicated to the signs of Cancer and Lethe design of the obverse is complemented by a matte ring located around the coat of arms and containing graphic symbols of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

On the reverse, on a colored background in the form of a starry sky, Cancer is depicted – on the first coin, and a lion – on the second, symbolizing the zodiac constellations Cancer and Leo. At the bottom right there is a graphic symbol corresponding to the sign of the zodiac, at the top there is an insert of a faceted green synthetic stone in the shape of a star. Also on the reverse there are inscriptions with the name of the zodiac sign in English and Russian.

The bank also received investment coins of Canada with the image of a maple leaf from the Four Seasons series. Colored and gilded maple leaf coins are a deluxe version of Canada’s classic bullion coin, issued annually in gold and silver. From similar investment coins of other countries, the silver coin of Canada is distinguished by the highest standard of the precious metal contained in it – 99.99%.

Each of the colored coins of the Four Seasons series represents one of the seasons: a maple leaf of pale green color – spring, dark green – summer, red – autumn and brown – winter. In addition, on the reverse of each colored coin there is a sign-symbol indicating the direction of a person’s professional activity: navigation, trade, craft (small manual production of products, the quality of which largely depends on the personal skill of a person), science – which further contributes to the use of these coins in as a gift, for example, for a professional holiday or birthday.

On the obverse of the coins in the center on a matte background is a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. There are inscriptions around the portrait: “ELIZABETH II” at the top, “5 DOLLARS 2007” at the bottom.

On the reverse of the coins in the center there is a relief image of a maple leaf: gilded or colored. Around the sheet there are inscriptions: at the top – “CANADA”, at the bottom – “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR” (“1 ounce of fine silver” in English and French). Two identical inscriptions “9999” are symmetrically located to the left and right of the sheet. Colored coins additionally have a sign-symbol indicating the type of human activity (navigation, trade, craft and science) and located under the sheet on the left.

US investment coins with the image of an eagle and a symbol of freedom, colored (“Four Seasons”) and gilded, also arrived.

Gold-plated and colored US coins with the image of an eagle and Liberty (a symbol of the country in the form of a female image), which is classic for investment coins of this country, are made by analogy with Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

On the obverse in the center there is a heraldic eagle with a shield holding an olive branch in the right paw and arrows in the left. Above the eagle are several rows of stars, symbolizing the states – the country’s territorial units. The inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is located at the top in a semicircle, and below – the designation of the mass, metal and denomination of the coin.

On the reverse, against the background of the rising sun and the waving flag of the United States, the walking Freedom is depicted in the center.  Images of the figure of Liberty, the flag and the sun are gilded or colored. The color scheme of each coin of the “Four Seasons” series (the color of the clothes of Liberty and the shade of the sun) is different from the others and corresponds to the traditional colors used to indicate the season to which it is dedicated. By analogy with Canadian colored bullion coins, the reverse of US colored coins is also supplemented with signs-symbols of navigation, trade, crafts and science.