Money in Lepto from Piraeus Bank – A useful service

What is Piraeus Bank’s Lefta to Lepto Service and where is it useful?

The Money in Minutes service from the Bank of Piraeus (LSL) is a particularly useful service for those who want to send cash anywhere and have a Bank of Piraeus.

It is a service that has been operating for several years, but is not known to many people.

Of course, many people do not know how money works today, but that is another chapter.

Indeed, because it is not known, several scams are based on it, but this does not negate the fact of the great convenience it offers.

How does Piraeus Bank’s Money to the Minute service work?

The process is simple… you log into the bank and assign an amount to a temporary code.

Then anyone who knows this code and the amount you have assigned, can go and collect the money from any ATM in Piraeus.

Those with a personal or business account can log into their account and go to the Transfers menu, then Money under the Send Cash option

  • there you select the account from which the money will be withdrawn initially
  • then you set the amount you want to send
  • finally you choose the period of time for which the receipt of money will be active

Once you keep pressing then you will receive a code on your mobile which is the PIN code.

How can I send Money to Lepto from a mobile phone through the Winbank application?
From the Winbank application we can do the following:

Go to the account we want to withdraw money from

  • Click New Transaction
  • Send cash LsL
  • We choose the amount
  • And we continue to get the code

How does one receive the money?

You can now go to the nearest Piraios Bank ATM and with the code Money in Minutes press any button on the ATM to “wake up” and you do NOT insert your card.

  • Directly the machine asks for your LsL Code.
  • Enter the amount you have chosen
  • You receive the cash

Where is the service used to send cash?

The Money per minute service is a very useful innovative new generation service that really facilitates the following situations

  • You may be out on the street, and have forgotten your card so you can withdraw from an ATM (as long as you have Web Banking)
  • If your daily ATM withdrawal limit via your card has been reached and you need cash
  • You may have forgotten your wallet with your money
  • You may want to send money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account (eg parents/children)
  • There is an urgent need to send someone money that is on the way
    You might want to send someone money with no transfer fees

Is the service a safe way to transfer money?

To the question of whether the transaction is safe, the answer is that it is absolutely safe because:

The code (PIN) has a duration exactly as defined by the sender, i.e. from 1 hour to 24 hours, from the order.
If this period passes without a withdrawal, then the code is automatically cancelled
The code can only be used once and only to withdraw the amount entered by the sender