Buy Bitcoin in Greece | How to Buy Bitcoin and Best Exchanges [2023]

You have heard about cryptocurrencies and want to buy Bitcoin, the most famous of them. Look no further as you are in the right place! In this guide we will explain everything according to our years of experience:

  • How do I buy Bitcoin,
  • Where can I buy Bitcoin in Greece,
  • The best Bitcoin exchanges in Greece.

How do I buy Bitcoin in Greece?

There are three main options available to you to invest in Bitcoin. The most critical factor in choosing the most suitable trading platform for you is whether you want to invest in “real” Bitcoin or a financial product based on Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin CFDs, ETNs, ETPs or others. These are your options:

  • Buy “real” Bitcoins
  • Buy Bitcoin CFDs
  • Buy Bitcoin derivatives like leveraged futures

Best Bitcoin Exchanges

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Positive negative

A Bitcoin CFD is a contract whose value depends on the evolution of an underlying asset (here: Bitcoin). So you don’t actually own Bitcoins, but you can participate in Bitcoin’s price evolution without the risk of self-monitoring. In our experience, the best choice is Plus500.

Bitcoin derivatives and CFDs offer the advantage that you can profit not only from rising prices, but also from falling prices. In addition, for advanced traders there is the leverage function. Simply put, trades can be made at double, 5x, 10x the value. For example you only deposit 100 EUR but you can trade with 1000 EUR. If the price of BTC doubles, the profit from the transaction is not only 100 EUR, but 1000 EUR.

However, keep in mind that trading involves a lot of risk and that losses can occur if you are not familiar with the broker or the instrument you have chosen to trade. Trading CFDs takes experience and practice.

If you want to get real Bitcoins, which are limited to 21 million BTC at the moment, you can buy Bitcoins on a classic exchange, e.g. on Binance or a specialized European cryptocurrency broker like Litebit . Below we list the pros and cons of buying “real” Bitcoins compared to Bitcoin derivatives.

Bitcoin Derivatives Market:

✅ Leveraged trading (not mandatory)
✅ Clear and unambiguous legal regulations
✅ Partial protection of deposits on investment capital
✅ It is not necessary to create an external wallet
❌ You do not own real cryptocurrency
❌ Higher fees for long-term investments

Buy Real Bitcoins:

✅ Lower fees for long-term investments (“HODL”)
✅ Freedom and independence from third parties (stock exchanges, brokers)
✅ No obligation to pay additional contributions (only total loss possible)
❌ Bitcoin Exchange Hacker Risk
❌ Greater technical requirements, e.g. creation of an external wallet
❌ Deposits are not protected

The various options: Bitcoin exchanges, brokers and lending platforms

The differences from Bitcoin exchange to Bitcoin exchange are very large. To give you a first idea about where to buy Bitcoin in Greece, we have made the following list of the best brokers and exchanges. The answer to the question where do I buy Bitcoin depends on what you want.

Cryptocurrency brokers that exclusively offer the purchase of real Bitcoins: Litebit, Kriptomat, Coinmerce, Gemini and Coinbase.

Exchanges that offer real Bitcoins as well as derivatives such as futures: Binance and Bitget.
Traditional brokers usually offer Bitcoin CFDs: eToro and Plus500.
Below you will find our recommendations for the best Bitcoin markets in Greece. Since not every exchange is supervised and therefore not licensed in Greece, you should only use reliable exchanges and brokers. This is especially true for the big names in the industry.

In addition, we have created the following review according to our many years of personal experience. On this site you can only find exchanges and brokers that we have personally used and tested.