List of cryptocurrencies

naturally, the main role in creating such a situation was played by the success of bitcoin, which is today the most famous, popular and sought-after cryptocurrency. However, this article will provide an overview of not only bitcoin, but also other types of virtual money, which are deservedly considered quite promising.

Popular cryptocurrencies

The popularity rating of cryptocurrencies, without a doubt, is headed by bitcoin. However, various top lists of digital currencies today include several dozen names of monetary units, some of which appeared quite recently, while others were created not much later than bitcoin.

Each of the cryptocurrencies described below has its own unique characteristics, however, there is something that unites them all – the ever-growing interest and demand, which, in turn, are the reason for the increase in the price of most types of virtual money.

The price of 1 batch has overcome the bar of $8,000, which has become another achievement of the digital currency.

At the same time, it is extremely important to understand that financial analysts are far from unanimous regarding forecasts and prospects for further growth in the bitcoin rate. Some experts predict that the impressive dynamics of this type of cryptocurrency will continue. However, some experts predict the complete opposite of this development of events, predicting the imminent fall of bitcoin.

far exceeding all other cryptocurrencies, with the exception of bitcoin. In a little over two years, the cryptocurrency was able to confidently take second place, in some segments making up strong competition to the recently seemingly unattainable bitcoin.

Lite coin

Lite coin is a derivative (cryptocurrency experts use a special term – fork) of bitcoin. Currently, in terms of capitalization, Bash holds the 4th place among all cryptocurrencies.

However, the lack of cryptocurrency in the main ratings reduces interest in it, which allows you to earn on mining even with a regular computer, which has long been impossible to do by mining more popular types of digital currencies.


The cryptocurrency was released in early 2014 under the name Coin.  This level of decentralization has never been seen before the advent of Dash. Not surprisingly, the price of cryptocurrency has increased several hundred times in three years, and the value of capitalization is almost $4.6 billion, which puts the cryptocurrency in 5th place in this indicator.


This type of digital currency appeared about a year ago – in the fall of 2016. Almost immediately, Cash (short name – ZEC) began to enjoy rush demand, which allowed it to even enter the top 5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization for a short time. However, after some time, the price quite predictably fell somewhat. Nevertheless, despite the fact that today Cash is not included in the top ten largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization.

This is due to the presence of serious advantages, the main of which is the high level of anonymity of transactions. The principle of operation of the payment system makes it almost impossible to track and control financial transactions carried out using Cash.

Vert Coin

A digital coin with this name was issued in January 2014. A feature of the cryptocurrency is the efficiency of mining carried out using vide

o cards. Mining Vert coins using ASIC processors is almost impossible, which is explained by the peculiarities of this payment system. Otherwise, in most of its parameters, Vert Coin differs little from other types of virtual currency, so it is difficult to predict the prospects for its further development.

Bit Shares

The virtual money platform Bit Shares (short designation – BTS) was developed in 2013 by one of the most famous experts in cryptocurrencies Dan Larimer. A feature of this type of digital currency is the absence of a mining procedure, since the process of processing and confirming ongoing transactions is carried out by special delegates.

As a result, it has high performance, which, as for most cryptocurrencies, does not depend on the number of miners. Despite the fact that the capitalization of Bit Shares at the moment is approximately $340 million, the cryptocurrency shows a stable, although not as rapid as that of bitcoin, the growth of the exchange rate.