What cryptocurrency to invest in – top coins

2022 was a successful start for several crypto projects at once. During this time, startups with their own tokens have appeared on the market, which investors should pay attention to while they are traded at the lowest price. As soon as the progress on the road map continues, very soon they will be able to bring tangible profits to their holders.

Below are the top coins in the digital currency market that are worth investing in to make a profit in the short term. The list, in addition to new tokens, also includes long-established projects that have proven useful and resilient in a bear market.

Investing in Dash 2 Trade

Buying a cryptocurrency in some cases is an opportunity to make a profit in the short term. One of such projects can be called Dash 2 Trade. So far, it is at the stage of preparation for pre-sales, but experts are already predicting an increase in value due to the uniqueness of the startup.

The platform will collect special tools that will be beneficial for traders to use:

Test your strategies before opening a position.
Timely learn about the start of sales of tokens of new projects.
Monitor social sentiment to identify trending coins in the market.
The D2T token pre-sale phase will last until January 31st. During this period, investors have the opportunity to purchase the allocated amount of coins at a price of $0.0476 per unit.

Based on analysis of other similar projects, pre-sales may well end ahead of schedule. In the second stage of pre-sales, the price of the token will be increased to $0.05 per unit.

Investing in IMPT

The IMPT token is part of a huge environmental platform, the main goal of which is to prevent the onset of a global environmental crisis. Uncontrolled emissions of carbon into the atmospheric air lead to the fact that the average air temperature on the planet is gradually increasing.

This, in turn, can provoke the melting of polar ice and flooding of vast areas. The IMPT does not call for the closure of businesses that release carbon into the air. Instead, she suggests making contributions to environmental programs for companies.

They can then be exchanged for carbon credits, which can be burned to reduce your carbon footprint. For this, users will be presented with an environmental NFT. 1 unit of burned carbon credit equals compensation for 1 ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Now the project continues the first stage of pre-sales, when investors have a chance to get a coin at a price of $0.018 per unit.

Prices will rise in the future. At the second stage, the token will be traded at a price of $0.023, at the final stage at $0.028 per coin. After the end of the pre-sales stage, the developers plan to start listing the token on exchanges, which will provoke an even greater increase in value.

Investment in the Calvaria project

Collectible card games are now experiencing a second wave of popularity. All thanks to the introduction of the NFT component into the industry, the focus of which on collectible card games is obvious. Right now, one of the new and promising users in the NFT project market is Calvaria. Its versatility is aimed at both the crypto audience and ordinary gamers.

And it paid off, because the value of the token, which is currently at the pre-sale stage, is already going up. This is because the total supply of coins is fixed, but the demand for them can increase as more players join Calvaria. In addition, the popularity of the project is facilitated by its availability and the opportunity to get a free deck.

Investing in Tamadoge

Another interesting project for investment, which is a whole ecosystem built around the TAMA coin. Now Tam doge has completed the stages of pre-sales and moved to listings on the exchange. You can buy a coin on many major sites. The creators of the project clearly follow the presented roadmap, which inspires confidence on the part of investors.

At the stage of pre-sales, $19 million was attracted to the project. Pre-sales ended earlier than scheduled, as investors bought up the allocated amount of coins. After the start of the listings, the price of the token soared by almost 1500% compared to the presale price.

Very soon the project will release its own mobile application. In it, each user will receive a pet in the form of an NFT with random characteristics.  Therefore, it will need to be raised, developing the main characteristics. As soon as the pet becomes an adult, he will be able to take part in the battles in the arena. In case of victory, the owner will receive valuable prizes in the form of a local token of the TAMA project.

Battle Infinity (bat)

Battle Infinity is another significant 2022 project worth keeping an eye on. He attracted 5 million investments quite quickly. Like Tamadoge, it offers an entire ecosystem with several play-and-earn experiences, token staking, a local exchange, NFT purchase, and more.

Basically, everything will be based around the battles in the arena. Players will have the opportunity to purchase athletes in the form of NFTs and form a team of them for performances. Several tournaments will be held, according to the results of which the participant will be able to advance in the standings. All winners from the ranking will receive valuable prizes in the form of a local bat token.

Tokens can be exchanged, sold or sent for staking. iBat provides three staking programs at once, among which the investor will be able to choose the most suitable one for himself.