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So, let’s consider the essence and rules of the game.  At the moment, the list consists of 451 songs and is constantly updated.

For the first , you are offered to choose songs such as Moves Like Jagger, Break Free, Rasputin and many others. If you are playing with your phone, you need to go to the website, select a song, enter the ballroom number that will be displayed in the upper left corner, and, holding the phone in your right hand, start dancing.

You must stand in front of the screen and repeat the you see, trying to match the rhythm as much as possible. The more your movements match those of the on the screen, the more points you earn and maybe even break the record.  The following movements are schematically shown in the lower right corner of the screen, so if you find it difficult to repeat exactly right away, you can check out these tips.

This game is a great solution for those who feel uncomfortable dancing in public, for those who just want to have fun actively, and for those who just want to have a nice and unconventional time or brighten up a party with friends.

You can chat online with a huge number of other players and arrange real battles.  Updates are released every month, so you can always add new super trendy music items to your list.

To activate new songs, you need to earn coins in the app, but there are also real money purchases for those who don’t want to wait. The game works best on a 4G network or Wi-Fi, but a weaker connection will not cause any problems.

The faster you develop a sense of rhythm and timing, the higher your skill level in the game will be, which means more songs will be available. An interesting addition would be the visualization of the calories that you burned during the (of course, very rough, but this does not make it less interesting).

The original idea for Just grew out of a minigame developed for Rayman Raving Rabbids that had a sequel. Xavier Poix, CEO of Ubisoft France, and his team felt that the Wii Remote and Nunchuck were perfect for music games [2]; Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 featured a musical mini-game that IGN even likened to Guitar Hero.

with players first shaking the Wii remote or nunchuck when finally asked to use the interactive instruments. [5] For Raiman Raving Rabbis: TV Party [eon], the concept was completely rethought in favor of creating a game based on basic positions. The popularity contributed to the improvement of the concept of the project, which later grew into an independent game [2] [6] .

Just was created by a small team of around 20 people at Ubisoft Paris and was officially unveiled half a year before the expected release date. Pea explained that unlike Raving Rabbis, which he called “a player’s game,” Just is a rhythm-based concept model with a control system available to viewers that encourages them to “get off the couch and have fun together.

” 2. Ubisoft producer Florian Grainger, in particular, noted that Just is designed to help players overcome their shyness and enthusiasm for dancing by adding vocabulary with move names that can be learned in a “safe environment”.  Most guys are constantly dancing with a bottle of beer or shaking their neck at the right time”[7].

Creative director Gregoria Spillman argued that games simply instruct players to press buttons rather than . Considering players who use the gameplay of Revolution as the basis for their routines, which Spillman likened to the diametrically opposed concept of Just , allowing the same movements “set” in the program to be played outside of the game. [7].

The team consciously chose to create the Just game mechanics using the Wii Remote, while ignoring specialized accessories such as platforms, bracelets, bracelets, and upchucks. Spillman explained that such accessories “distract” and restrict players’ movement [7].

for example, the developers felt that the use of the short Uncheck cable limited usability, and eliminating this component would allow players to focus less on the definition of movement and more feel like they were actually dancing [2].

While Pea felt that his team was developing a potentially successful game, his colleagues at Ubisoft Paris had doubts about Just . Pua argued that “many thought that nothing would work because people don’t or it’s just not enough to really learn how to ” [2].

Granger thought that the Just team would be “cynical” about the oversaturated Wii casual game market, but he also captured the “feeling of excitement” that the developers felt because the game was based on the correct “decent software” source code. “remarkable” as Revolution, which was used as an example [7] .