Metaverse Cryptocurrencies: Top 4 Best Coins in 2022

The Bitcoin situation remains tense and unclear until the end, but if you take a closer look at the cryptocurrency market, a number of coins continue to grow no matter what. First of all, these are tokens of the metaverse, which are now on the wave of popularity and this trend is just emerging. And the trend, as you know, is our friend and you need to follow it.

In this article, we will analyze a selection of the TOP-6 altcoins of the metaverse with low capitalization, that is, coins that are still obscenely cheap at the moment and they have growth potential, which Sandbox is now fully implementing.

Today we are acting according to the usual plan, the selection was collected by the authors of Altcoin Daily, we will tell you which coins and why they consider promising and add their information on these projects. It’s about: Theta Network, REALM, GAIA Everworld, Star Atlas, Moonscape and Sandbox.


The first place went to Theta Network, and as noted by Altcoin Daily themselves, this is not the cheapest coin, they will come later, but it has good potential. It all stems from this press release, according to which they already have a partnership with Decentral Games, a project for virtual games and NFT in the metaverse. But the main emphasis is on the fact that Theta Network is a ready-made basic infrastructure for any projects in the metaverse, because they have the ability to visualize virtual reality in real time, conduct video broadcasts from these worlds using a decentralized network, and the most memorable moments can be saved in NFT format.

If our opinion is interesting, then when we are offered to watch a broadcast of a party from a virtual club, we will pretend not to hear it out of politeness and change the subject, well, so as not to offend the interlocutor. However, such entertainment can be interesting to many, especially if this whole topic with QR codes remains with us for a long time.

As for the price, Theta looks like a coin that has not yet been pumped on this hype and it has a weak, but still upward trend.

In place of their developers, we would urgently sign some kind of agreement with Sandbox or Decentral and, which are now rumored, and then we would promise a new cool update.


As conceived by the authors of the project, this is another completely independent virtual world, where the user himself decides what his habitat will be and his role in everything that happens. The project stands out for the fact that they have an open and well-chosen team, an interesting roadmap and have investments from venture crypto funds. These are the so-called tier-2 funds, that is, the second echelon, but nevertheless, such money can be called institutional and, as a rule, funds are trying to return their investments with a profit.

And this may be the development of such an event, according to which the popularity of the Realm project among game universes is in second place, second only to Axe Infinity.

But as you know, the pump has several stages on the crypto market, and so far Realm has only had the first one. And there can be three or more of them, as, for example, in the Gala token, which also belongs to gaming cryptocurrencies, but it could already win back its own completely.


The third place in the selection went to the GAIA Everworld project. In October, they raised $ 3.7 million to develop the project. As partners, they have many different second-tier investment funds. And what’s really interesting is the trailer for their game. Of course, eminent game studios can do better, but when compared with other blockchain games, this is simply a masterpiece. And in such an MMORPG you can really play, and the developers promise a completely open world and the ability to create your own kingdom in the fantasy world. The main thing is that expectations coincide with reality.

By the way, after the appearance on the exchanges, the GAIA Everworld token sold out so well.

But if the developers keep their word and there are good news feeds, the price can start to grow steadily.


What’s better than a fantasy MMO? The only open world game in space where you can explore the whole galaxy. It is this option that the token offers from the fourth place in the selection called Star Atlas.

In general, building your own spacecraft and exploring distant planets is not a new idea, but this will be the first blockchain game where you will design a ship and its equipment in the form of an NFT. Consequently, they can not only be made, but then it will be completely legal to sell, which is also not bad and no one will block you on the game server, as it happens in many games on a centralized basis, where only the developer studio can earn all the money.

This project also looks gorgeous, just watch the trailer. And everything will work through the Solana blockchain so that there are no problems with latency in the processing of transactions and also so that they are not expensive. They are also developing the community and have already collected 100,000 subscribers in the discord, which is also very cool.

We must draw your attention to the Star Atlas price.