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Krasnodar, March 22 – South Times. 16+ It is no secret that the purchase of precious metal (gold and silver) is possible in physically possible in coins and ingots. Trading in the ingots in our country, despite the abolition of VAT, is not yet developed. In this regard, the purchase of coins is the main type of investment in physical metal for Russian investors, says analyst in the opening investment markets Oksana Lukicheva.

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Russia is one of the few countries, the central bank of which is actively coined by coins from precious metals. All released coins are divided into investment and memorable.

Memorable coins are suitable for gifts and collectibles, and investment coins are an excellent investment instrument in gold and silver. About 80-85% of turnover on the Russian monetary market occupy operations with the coins of “Georgy Victorine”, 15-20% of the turnover occupy other Russian and foreign investment coins.

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The most replicable investment coin was the Golden coin “Georgy Victorious” with a par value of 50 rubles weighing 7.78 grams (a quarter of a troy ounce). This coin right is the best coin for investing in physical gold.

The best coin for investing in physical silver can be considered a coin “Georgy Victorious” with a face value of 3 rubles weighing 31 grams.

In addition to the most common coins, gold coins “Georgy Victorines” are also in the turn: 25 rubles with a weight of 3.11 grams, 100 rubles weighing 15.55 grams, a par value of 200 rubles weighing 31.1 grams (one oz); Silver coins: Leopard coin with a nominal 3 rubles with a weight of 31.1 grams, the coin “Football Championship in Russia” with a nominal 3 ruble weighing 31.1 grams. These coins can be purchased at opening bank offices.

The coins market in Russia in recent years is actively developing. This is facilitated by the position of the Bank of Russia, which issued in 2021 a new investment coin “Georgy Victorine”. The primary supply of investment gold in the country was increased more than twice, which led to a significant increase in the volume of new transactions with coins. Consumers perfectly perceived new investment coins, maintaining the growth trend in demand.

Also on the Moscow Exchange, trading is launched with calculated and supplied metal futures. The calculated does not imply the delivery, you can earn on changing the price of metal. The investment is made through the conclusion of the Brokerage Treaty with access to the exchange section of the Exchange.

Open brokerage account in the “Opening Investment” and getting quality analytics here.

LLC UK “Opening”. License No. 21-000-1-00048 dated April 11, 2001 on the implementation of activities on investment funds management, mutual investment funds and non-state pension funds, issued by the FKSB of Russia, without limiting the term.

045-07524-001000 dated March 23, 2004 for the implementation of securities management activities issued by FCSB of Russia, without limiting the term.  Ltd. UK Opening LLC does not guarantee the achievement of expected profitability.

Information about all expenses and commissions is provided in the Trust Agreement. Before concluding the contract, familiarize himself with the rules of trust management of a mutual investment fund, asset management conditions, risk declarations, to obtain information about the person carrying address: Russian Federation, 115114, Moscow.

ulu. Kozhevnicheskaya, d. 14, p. 5, by phone: 8 800 500-78-25 (free call in Russia), on the page on the Internet Information on agents providing services for receiving applications of mutual investment funds are posted on the website on the Internet.

Rules of Trust Department OPIF Market Financial Instruments “Opening – Shares” Registered FKSB of Russia December 17, 2003.Brokerage service is carried out by Opening Broker JSC (OGRN 1027739704772) in accordance with the Brokerage Service Agreement, the license of a professional participant in the securities market for broke

The World Cash Fair in Berlin is the largest event of the numismatic market. Within three days, mint and national banks demonstrate their new coins and get acquainted with new competitors. Specialists carry out personal and business meetings.

and dealers and private entrepreneurs seek to realize their products. But the main event of the fair is a “beauty contest” among coins. The jury includes director of coils that evaluate coins in ten nominations.  It was in charge of this title here and the masters of the chicane are coming.

For the first time, the fair was held in 1984, and then the main award was honored with a silver coin with a denominal of 50 cents, released by the US Mint in 1982. It is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Washington, the first presidential president of the United States.

Since then, the fair is held every year, and before the next fair in 2020, the crown belongs to the French with their silver coin “French perfection. Guy Savoy, “a par value of 50 euros released in 2017. The coin is dedicated to the GUY SAVOY restaurant (Paris.

France) and his chef – Guy Savoy, the legendary person of the restaurant business not only France, but also the whole world. The reverse depicted scrambled eggs for gourmets from the restaurant Gig Savoy. The next “coin of the year” will be submitted to the general public after a few months.

Another equally important event for professionals, famous collectors, and just connoisseurs of coins – the International Conference and Exhibition Coins Coins and the Contest “Minting Constellation”, which is held within the conference.

This, by the way, the only international contest of coins in Russia. The “mined heritage of the world” – under such a motto held the ninth exhibition in Moscow (2018 g). The contest of coins was held in nine categories, and the main prize was again in the French mint and the scrambled eggs already familiar to us! But this time the coin was broken with a nominal value of 5,000 euros, made of a combination of white, yellow and rose gold, weighing 1000 grams, truly peak of any collection!

According to other independent polls, the most beautiful, as well as the most expensive, repeatedly recognized the American coin with a par with one dollar 1794 of the release of Flowing Hair (“Floy Hair”),

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