Which cryptocurrency can go up in price in the near future

Experts named a number of promising digital coins, which, in their opinion, have the potential to repeat the growth of ALICE and KARMA by thousands of percent

In recent months, several altcoins have risen in price dozens and even hundreds of times at once. For example, the price of Harmony has risen by 900% in a month, while Theta has risen in price by 1211% in 90 days. We tell you what other cryptocurrencies showed impressive dynamics, and which coins you should pay attention to.

ALICE: 60,000% per minute

On March 15, the cost of the ALICE token increased by 60,000% in just a minute. Three hours after the start of trading, the price of the token dropped to $39. Today, March 25, according to Coingecko, the digital coin is trading at $12 (an increase of 12,000%).

The My Neighbor Alice project is listed on the Binance Launchpool platform. Marketplace users can receive altcoin for holding BNB, BUSD and CHR tokens in a specific pool.

KARMA: 27,000% in two days

On March 17, the value of the KARMA cryptocurrency increased by 27,100%, reaching $0.03. The capitalization of the project has grown to $58 million, while the daily trading volume of the altcoin was only $410. As of March 25, the token is trading at $0.025. The digital coin was created in 2018 on the EOS blockchain. Later in 2019, she moved to the WAX ​​blockchain.

However, there it is officially recognized as fraudulent and is regulated by the state.

In order to convince users to buy a certain type of asset, scammers can use fake positive news and “insider” information, which most often has nothing to do with reality.

A similar situation was observed in January with the Incent token. But the very next day, its value collapsed to $0.01.

Harmony: 900% per month

Over the past month, the quotes of the Harmony token have grown by 900% from $0.02 to $0.2. In the ranking of tokens by market capitalization, Harmony now ranks 55th and is trading at $0.19 at 11:00 Moscow time.

THETA: 1211% in three months

On March 24, the value of THETA token reached $14.43, and the capitalization of the cryptocurrency was $13.11 billion. Over the past three months, the quotes of the token have grown by 1211%. This allowed him to rise to the ninth position in the ranking of the most capitalized digital currencies of Coingecko, leaving behind Litecoin and Chainlink. Today, the token is trading at $11.87.

Theta Network is a video streaming project running on a decentralized network. Blockchain technology allows the project to cope with the high demand for bandwidth.

IOTA: 573% in three months

On March 23, the price of the IOTA token reached its highest value since June 2018 at $1.75. Over the past three months, IOTA has risen in price by 573%. This happened against the backdrop of the upcoming IOTA Chrysalis network update, which will be released in April. At 11:00 UTC, the token is trading at $1.38.

The developers managed to conclude partnership agreements with such giants as Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.

What to pay attention to now

The Reef token looks the most promising in 2021, says Nikita Soshnikov, director of the Alfacash cryptocurrency exchange service. In his opinion, the negative information environment around the recent conflict with Alameda Research will sooner or later fade into the background, but the range of tasks that Reef Finance (profitable farming based on Polkadot) is doing looks “really impressive”, so in the medium term it is worth waiting for further growth in the value of the token.

The main drivers of market growth now remain the DeFi and NFT segments, says Nikita Zuborev, senior analyst at Bestchange.ru. He recommends monitoring two main groups in the near future: native blockchain tokens, on the basis of which it is possible to create DeFi projects, and tokens of DeFi projects themselves.

The second group includes tokens of decentralized exchanges (Uniswap, 1inch), crypto-loan systems (Maker, Compound), games, rates/predictions, decentralized insurance and synthetic assets, the analyst notes.

“It is worth paying attention to new projects, about which information is just emerging, but there are many risks and difficulties with their purchase. As a rule, such projects appear at first only on the DEX, and the price risks are similar to participation in the IPO of the least developed economies. But if the project survives until the listing of its token on one of the reputable centralized exchanges, then the initial investors will experience multiple growth,” Zuborev explained.

For less experienced investors, Bestchange.ru senior analyst advises another way to identify promising tokens – to track trends and planned updates in existing projects. Following this principle, you can pay attention to Augur, Synthetix, Curve and Aave, Zuborev added.