Which cryptocurrencies are more profitable to mine in 2022

What does the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for investment look like in 2022? The initial forecasts have changed a lot due to global changes in the financial industry, so it is extremely important for a crypto investor to know which crypto coins to invest in and which ones to ignore.

Thousands of different crypto coins from Bitcoin, Ethereum to Dogecoin with Tether are waiting for you in the cryptocurrency world.

To give you a better idea of ​​where to invest your money, we have created a list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022 based on market capitalization and total value of coins in circulation. Investing even a small amount in the “correct” cryptocurrency coin can give a serious profit, it is only important to enter the market on time and be ready to lose a certain part of your capital.

Nevertheless, while some skeptics continue to say that the “bitcoin” is nothing more than a bubble, this very “bubble” has been bringing serious money to investors who invest in digital coins for the second decade. And now also in a new type of crypto assets like NFT.

sometimes with a fabulous, almost instantaneous rise in price. Our top cryptocurrencies are for those who nevertheless decided to invest in this type of assets, but are at a crossroads due to the endless number of various coins on the market.

TOP 10 crypto coins for investing money in 2022 – leaders and newcomers

Entering the crypto space is a staggering time for new investors who are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing market. Technologies and applications, more than 10 thousand different cryptocurrency coins – it is your knowledge that becomes a progressive force, no matter how trite it may sound.

New cryptocurrencies 2022 and existing digital coins in any case give you unconditional protection of your assets from economic and political shocks. They simply do not depend on them, are not regulated and cannot be simply “squeezed out” by raiders. Our list of TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for investment will tell you how to correctly determine the trends before they arise.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The undisputed “legend” of the cryptocurrency world continues to lead in popularity among cryptocurrency coins. Bitcoin is the absolute dominant in market capitalization (over 676 billion USD) and popularity, No. 1 in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies for investing money for several years in a row.

If you look at the growth in the value of BTC over the past 5 years, the total return percentage is about 7600%.

Ethereum (ETH)

Another “old man” of the market, now more interesting as a platform for many promising areas of the global economy.

The coin ranked the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020, 2021, and sits steadily in second place in 2022. ETH has a market capitalization of more than 302 billion USD, a developer favorite for its smart contracts with automatic execution when the specified conditions and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The increase in value over the past 5 years is almost 25,000%.

With the launch of ETH 2.0, Ethereum will become one of the most efficient cryptocurrencies to buy in the cryptosphere, although fears of fierce competition with its sibling remain. Please note that corporations like JPMorgan, Amazon, Microsoft Azure are already using Ethereum blockchain technology to stay ahead of other financial giants, attracting the attention of investors around the world. If you are thinking about where to invest, in which cryptocurrency it is better to send money, ETH will be a brilliant choice.

Moonbeam (GLMR)

This is a relatively new type of coins included in the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for investment this year. The capitalization is about 326 million USD, the cryptocurrency was created on Polkadot in the form of a parachain of smart contracts compatible with Ethereum. The uniqueness of the coin for investing money in 2022 is that it allows you to combine different blockchains into a single multi-blockchain.

Moonbeam’s compatibility with Ethereum is truly amazing – you can use smart contracts without additional settings, connect almost all popular wallets and tools, use single accounts and signatures. GLMR coin is relatively cheap today, but has excellent prospects as an investment tool. Now there are more than 275 million coins in circulation.


The 4th place in our TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for investment is also an interesting asset based on the Ethereum blockchain. This cryptocurrency is compatible with any ERC-20 wallets, the market capitalization is just over 562 thousand USD. Over the past 12 months, the top 10 crypto coin by value reached an all-time high in July 2021.

and a new all-time low is predicted by the end of 2022. EXMO Coin can be bought on the exchange as a currency pair. It would seem, why invest in cryptocurrency if its value is declining? Let’s take a look at the forecasts a little further than 2022 – the forecast for EXMO Coin promises a solid increase in value in 2025. The total cryptocurrency capitalization at the moment is just over 1.8 million USD. These are quite promising cryptocurrencies in 2022 with an excellent profitable picture in the future.