What will be the most promising cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2022

There are many ways to invest money, but recently, investing money in cryptocurrency has become more and more relevant. Electronic currency is being used more and more, new types of cryptocurrencies are appearing, which allows you to earn good money on trading.

At the same time, coins have shown stable growth since their inception. The greatest growth was recorded in 2017, when most electronic currencies increased in price dozens of times. But stable growth over a long distance is also being demonstrated now, although prices can both rise and fall in a short period of time.

In 2022, many experts predict a new jump in prices for cryptocurrencies. At the same time, coins are characterized by high volatility, which means sharp price changes in a short period of time.  In this article, we will analyze some of the most promising cryptocurrencies that investors should definitely pay attention to in the first half of 2022.


This cryptocurrency was created only in 2016, and in just a year of its existence, it has become a worthy competitor to Bitcoin. During its existence, Ethereum has increased in price by more than 1500 times. That is, those investors who immediately invested at least $100 managed to earn about $150,000. Ethereum is currently ranked first in the list of the most promising cryptocurrencies in many ratings. This is evidenced by the fact that Ethereum was bought by the world’s largest corporations: Google, Microsoft, Apple and others.

Despite the fact that Ethereum mining is quite difficult, especially when it comes to small mining farms, this e-currency certainly deserves the attention of investors. It is actively traded on any cryptocurrency exchanges, and it can be easily bought in most online exchangers.


The name “Bitcoin” was heard, perhaps, even by people far from high technologies, gadgets and the Internet. Many people still associate any cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. And this is not surprising, because Bitcoin became the first electronic currency, and today it remains the most expensive cryptocurrency of all, with a capitalization of more than $300 billion.

Bitcoin appeared back in 2009, and during this time the rate of the coin has grown thousands of times.The good prospects of this cryptocurrency are not only indicated by its high price, but also by the fact that many traders use it as an index.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash differs from regular Bitcoin in an improved code, due to which transactions take less time. Thanks to this, the power required for mining has also become more frequently updated. This cryptocurrency was created in 2017, and immediately after its creation, it took the third place in the world in terms of capitalization.

Many experts are held back in Bitcoin Cash forecasts, because most traders still prefer to trade the standard and time-tested Bitcoin. However, active interest among large investors and proven technologies give reason to believe that Bitcoin Cash will do well in the future. And at the beginning of 2022, this cryptocurrency will definitely remain in the top of the most promising.

Digital Cash

Dash is a kind of unique cryptocurrency with an unusual creation algorithm. It appeared back in 2014, and until 2015 it was called Darucini. The biggest increase in the rate was observed in 2017, when the coin increased in price by more than 20 times (from $9 to $200).

Today, Digital Cash is actively sold and bought on all cryptocurrency exchanges. And this currency is considered promising due to the fact that it has not only an official website, but also an official company that contributes to the conquest of new markets.

It is a fork of BTC (using the codebase of a software project as a starting point). This has become one of the reasons that Lite coin is trusted by traders and this cryptocurrency has always been highly valued. For some time.

Lite coin went shoulder to shoulder with Bitcoin, but later all the money began to go to Bitcoin, which is why the Lite coin exchange rate did not grow at a very fast pace. Today, the rate of this cryptocurrency is $149. And it can be recorded as promising due to the fact that it is trusted, and it is actively traded. The daily turnover of Lite coin on average exceeds one million dollars.

Zero Cash

ZCASH is another unique cryptocurrency. It was created in 2016 by the Zero coin Electric Coin Company. And in the same year, the mining of crypto coins started. At the beginning of trading, the price of Zero Cash was a cosmic $2 million, but soon it quickly sank to $300,000 for one ZEC, which, however, is also a good result. Over time, the course sank even more, and today this cryptocurrency is sold at an average of $146.

Zero Cash can be written into promising cryptocurrencies for several reasons at once. Firstly, the capitalization is almost $2 billion, which is one of the best results among all cryptocurrencies. Secondly, ZEC has absolute anonymity. That is.

transactions with coins are not tracked in any way, for which many investors love and appreciate this cryptocurrency so much. Another feature of ZCASH is that this currency is practically uncorrelated with other cryptocurrencies. In other words, its rate does not depend in any way on the rate of other cryptocurrencies, which makes it unique.