What are “Coins” and why are they needed?

What is it, how to get it and how to use it? How to make learning at the School even more interesting with the help of “Coins”? How to skip stop lessons using “Coins”? How much can you save and earn in a day, week and month? And what are the prospects for this innovation?

Coins are an additional way to make learning at the School more comfortable, more fun and interesting. This is a way to motivate students to complete course assignments faster and with fewer mistakes, turn in work on time, check other students’ work, participate in discussions, etc.
Coins are not money. Coins have nothing to do with your cash account. They cannot pay for the course.

How to get coins?

1) For completing assignments in lessons.

2) For “Like” your work from another user.

3) For correct answers in some tests of the School.

Coins for completing tasks in lessons.

Different lessons involve obtaining a different amount of coins. The exact number is indicated on the lesson page next to the “Send answer” button. Some lessons do not involve receiving coins, in this case, next to the “Send answer” button, there is no inscription indicating the amount.

In general, for the answer accepted by the teacher to the task, 5 coins are charged. For the accepted answer in the stop lesson – 10 coins. For the answer in the final lesson of the main courses – 50 coins.

Like coins for your work.

Upload photos of your best work to your personal page on the School website and get likes from other students. Each “Like” for your work from another student of the School will earn you one additional coin. The more works you upload and the more students like them, the more coins you get. Each “like” on your work adds one coin to you.

Coins are not awarded if the user who puts the “Like” mark is not a student, i.e. has not taken live, online and mini-courses of the School, with the exception of free courses. If the uploaded work is rejected by the moderator, then all coins received for it are canceled.

Coins for Likes are awarded to works uploaded to your profile. Coins are not issued for “likes” of answers to tasks in lessons.

Coins for correct answers in tests.

When passing some tests on the School website, you can get coins. If coins are awarded for correct answers, you will see an inscription indicating the number of coins for the correct answer. You can get coins only when you pass the test for the first time – the system will remember that you have already answered the question, and when you pass the test again, it will not take into account the correctness of the answers.

How to spend coins?

It is currently possible to skip the stop lesson with coins. By giving away part of the accumulated coins, the student can, without waiting for the task to be checked from the stop lesson, continue viewing and completing subsequent tasks. This is a great opportunity for those who complete all tasks quickly and ahead of the usual course.

Skipping a stop lesson grants access to subsequent lessons, but does not cancel the task. The cost of skipping a stop lesson for the first time is 100 coins, for the second time – 200 coins, etc. For each individual training, the cost of skipping a stop lesson is calculated separately and starts from 100 coins. If you do not have enough coins to cancel the stop lesson, then this option is not available, and the corresponding button is not shown.

You cannot skip stop lessons for coins if the first stream is running for the course. In the first stream of training, the teachers of the school consider each student’s answer in a special way, checking not only the completion of the task, but also how the task was composed.

How many coins do I have?

You can find out the current balance of Coins in the section My purchases.

I had coins, but now there are fewer of them, where did they go?
I have coins, what are they issued for?

You can find out when and for what they were issued or for what and when they were spent on the Accrual history page in the My purchases section.

I have coins, I want to pay for tuition with them, how can I do this?
I have coins, how much is it in rubles? How to withdraw coins from the account?

No way. Coins are not money, they cannot be compared with rubles, dollars or other currencies. Coins cannot pay for tuition, they cannot be withdrawn from the account.

I did not receive coins for the answer in the lesson, why?

Not every lesson involves receiving coins. In the lesson, under the “Send answer” button, it is indicated how many coins will be issued for completing the task. If there is no inscription, then coins are not issued for this lesson.

Coins are issued only for the completed task, i.e. your answer must be accepted by the teacher. If the answer has not yet been verified or rejected by the teacher, then the coins are not issued.

I have coins, but I can’t skip the stop lesson, why?

If the message about the possibility of skipping a stop lesson is not displayed, it means that you do not have enough coins or the training does not provide for skipping stop lessons. The cost of skipping a stop lesson starts from 100 coins. Skipping the second stop lesson in the same training costs 200 coins, the third lesson costs 400 coins, etc. Every week, on Wednesdays, the cost resets back to 100 coins. Wait until next Wednesday to use the minimum cost.