Best Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors

The process of collecting a collection of coins allows the collector to choose the items they like.

Our list of the top 15 silver coins to collect ranges from very common coins that can be had for as little as $10 or $20, to coins that cost up to five figures.

Although few collectors can afford to purchase all 15 of these coins, each of them can serve as a springboard to start building a larger collection. They may include a specific design, issue date, or period in US coinage history.

They were minted in the middle of the 19th century in order to make it easier to purchase three cent first class postage stamps.

The silver three-cent series has become a popular collector’s item among those who specialize in the finest minting of the United States Mint, and odd denominations in particular. The first coin from a series of silver three cents was minted in 1851 and issued in a circulation of 5.447.400 pieces.

An 1851 silver three cent can be bought for $50 with a Fine-12 grade (meaning a good state of preservation of the coin according to the international classification of coin condition based on the Sheldon scale).

Half Dime (half dime) 1792 USA

One of the first coins ever ordered by the United States was a 1792 silver 1/2 dismal (dime) or 5 cent coin. However, there are many common examples of these silver coins, which is why some of them are classified as regular issue coins. About 1,500 of these were minted at the Philadelphia Mint, while the first US Mint was just under construction nearby.

International conflict helped end the Great Depression. America called on its citizens to unite to liberate overseas countries and defend their homeland from powers that want to take over the United States. The new composition was marked on the coins with the mint’s monogram over the dome of Monticello.

depicted on the reverse of the coin (Monticello (Monticello) – the estate of Thomas Jefferson in southern Virginia). This monogram was the first sign on the coin, symbolizing the Philadelphia Mint. It was minted on wartime nickel from 1942 until production of conventional nickel was resumed in 1946.

A 1942-P wartime Jefferson nickel can be purchased today for less than $10 dollars.

1916 Mercury Silver Dime USA

Dimes of 1916-D silver (Denver minted) do not survive in private collections in the same number as the Philadelphia-made Mercury dimes of the same year. They largely went unnoticed until the 1930s, when collectors began looking for entire series of modern date and mint silver coins.

This is a great rarity in all classes of coins. Therefore, prices for 1916-D coins, even in Good-4 quality (poor state of preservation), usually start at $850. Uncirculated examples are rare, with Mint State-60 (MS 60) in excellent condition selling for over $12,000 dollars. Coins in MS-65 condition are already sold at prices starting at $25,000 dollars.

Many considered it most appropriate to pay tribute to “Roosevelt” with the minting of a silver 10-cent (one dime) coin. This would symbolize his courage in the fight against polio and his call to end this serious disease, which he was diagnosed with in 1921, at the national level. To combat it, Roosevelt founded the March of Dimes, which was tasked with defeating this disease in the States.

Silver Quarter Liberty 1876-CC (Carson City) USA

Carson City coins are widely distributed and tend to be quite expensive. But there are several relatively affordable options to get the coveted coin with the “CC” monogram made of pure silver with a face value of 25 cents or 1/4 dollar (hence the name quarter – from the English quarter.

which means “quarter” in translation). One of the least expensive is to buy the 1876 Seated Liberty silver quarter. The coins were minted in 4,944,000 pieces and remain fairly affordable for numismatists looking to find a specimen for their collection.

Prices typically hover around $50 for a Good-4 sample, but quickly rise to $500 for a Mint State-60 coin. In addition to allowing the collector to add the silver ‘CC’ coin to their sets, this quarter provides the opportunity to get the original vintage ‘Seated Liberty’ motif by designer Christian Go Brecht into the collection.