The best cryptocurrencies on the market

Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology are popular not only among investors, but also among the community that finds solutions to complex mathematical algorithms in exchange for rewards.

On the network, when a transaction is initiated, a decentralized distributed ledger collects all information related to the transaction. To confirm a transaction and add a block to the chain, miners solve a complex mathematical algorithm in their system. When the problem is solved, the block will be added and the miners will be rewarded with bitcoins and will be rewarded with transaction fees.

What is Proof of Stake?

While reading about the blockchain mechanism, you must have come across the consensus mechanisms used in verifying transactions. Simply put, a consensus mechanism is a term for explaining the rules that each miner agrees to in regards to updating the ledger (adding a block). A miner must provide an answer (known as proof) to a specific problem before being granted the right to update the ledger.

Proof Of Stake is one of the consensus mechanisms that gives miners the ability to update the next block based on or proportional to their share or the amount of currency that the miner is willing to freeze for a certain period.

Proof-of-Stake works differently than the widely used proof-of-work mechanism in cryptocurrencies. Technically, nobody mines blocks in this mechanism, and there are no rewards. But they receive a transaction fee as a proof of stake reward proportional to the coins they staked to try to mine a particular block.

A winner is randomly selected to renew a block based on the proportion of the stake provided that will be used to mine a particular block. This is one of the latest mechanisms to securely validate blocks, protect them from attacks, and follow a more decentralized model without running on cryptocurrency mining machines instead of storing PoS tokens or coins to participate in the process.

List of the most popular Proof-of-Stake coins


A native token, which is somewhat similar to Bitcoin, but does not require huge costs for electricity and video cards.

This crypt is modern and interesting, you can get more information about it here. or on the official Decimal YouTube channel.

The first token launched by the instant exchange platform, NOW allows its holders to stake new assets on Change NOW, as well as earn up to 25% per annum through the new staking program.


NEO aims to modify the Proof of Stake blockchain with its feature set. It supports the generation of numbers for multiple crypto assets and certificates. It is a smart contract based Pops that issues a separate GAS token when you simply hold NEO in your crypto wallet.

VET (Rechains)

Rechains has a Proof of Authority coin (similar to Proof of Stake) that will give you back a VTHO token if you stake your VETs. Using a convenient mobile application, you can easily stake your tokens and receive a commission for transactions.

He has his own coin called ATOM, whose popularity can be easily proven as the company has raised over $16 million through its ICO.

Isotope (IOST)

Isotope is popular in the gaming industry, mainly used in Internet related services. f

number of traders and developers, and number of products and service providers. In order to maintain its position and attract more investors, higher performance of the crypto space is required, which is provided by a variety of new tokens and coins with additional features of increasing transaction speed, tracking efficiency, and also in terms of decentralization.

The Proof-of-Stake mechanism also aims to improve blockchain technology and gain significant adoption in the industry. The lower barrier to entry into the mining process, no need for infrastructure, and relatively less vulnerability to attack are currently attracting the community to deploy the Pops-based application and coins.

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