silver and gold coins

Investments in investment coins made of gold and silver are sometimes even more profitable than bank deposits. As \”Money\” found out, if you choose the right coin, you can get from 10% to 50% per annum.  Investment coins got their name because of the high standard (up to 999th), which allows them to be considered not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also as a banking metal, which in recent years has become one of the most profitable investment objects.

After all, the growth in gold prices last year amounted to 23%, and at the beginning of May this year – 8%.  In 2004, Australian coins of the “Lunar Calendar” series (gold – fineness 999.9; weight – 1/20 troy ounce or 1.555 g; face value – 5 Australian dollars) were sold for 206 UAH, and today their price is 259 UAH . (yield – 25.7% for three years). On average, according to experts, investments in gold coins of the highest standard bring at least 10-20% per annum. Note that this income is “clean”, since in Ukraine (unlike, by the way, from Russia), cash receipts received from the sale of investment coins are not taxed.

Where to buy? Coins made of precious metals on the domestic market are presented both by domestic collection coins issued by the Banknote and Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine, and by coins of the world’s leading mints. Among about a dozen banks offering and buying investment coins, the leaders are “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” and the bank “Finance and Credit”.  I must say that investing in coins is a very beautiful investment. Using unique technologies, world-famous mints annually surprise their customers with unusual design and composition, quality and packaging of coins.

Coins can be colored and gold-plated, with diamonds and other precious stones, and even with a special “eye” for wearing a coin as a pendant!  For example, one large bank in Ukraine offers more than 500 types of precious metal coins. And this despite the fact that the range is constantly expanding … Today you can buy investment coins not only in large cities of Ukraine, but also in many regional centers. On average, the price of one gold coin ranges from 180 UAH. (NBU coins) up to 5000-8000 UAH. and above (large coins of foreign mints). The price of the largest investment coins includes a minimum producer commission and is very close to the world price of gold.

Domestic banks-distributors sell foreign coins in Ukraine at prices recommended by mints for European countries or at a price formed on the basis of the retail price in the country of origin of the coin. It is interesting that foreign coins of the best mints in the world can go on sale in the branches of domestic banks almost in the first days after the date of putting the coins into circulation. How to choose?

The general rules for buying investment coins are simple: the smaller the circulation, the higher the market price of the product, and the more likely it will increase in the future. \»It is worth buying everything that is made from precious metals, has a limited edition and artistic value. Any of the coins made of precious metals deserves the attention of an investor. After all, the price of gold and platinum coins is based, first of all, on the price of the metal on the world markets\”, – says Alla Ishchenko, Head of the Department of Precious Metals and Coins of the Raiffeisen Bank Aval Bank. Not to

Coins made of precious metals, which include gold, silver, platinum and palladium in Russia, are usually divided into 2 categories: investment and commemorative, otherwise collectible. Investment coins include those that are as close as possible to the price of the metal and are minted without special requirements with a large circulation. Commemorative and collectible we include high-quality coins that are made in small series, and they can cost several times more than the price of the precious metal from which they are composed, these coins are sold with a certificate.

It is believed that investment coins are made as a store of value, while collectible coins are for numismatists, connoisseurs and for gifts. With regard to Russian coins, this is true, since our investment, with rare exceptions, is unattractive. But the world market of monetary precious metals exceeds the Russian market by a thousand times, offers many options, it has its own rules and subtleties, and you need to know about them if you do not want to limit yourself to GosZnak products.

The international division of coins made of precious metals is more definite and varied than in Russia, and the precious metal does not matter here, as I now know. As in Russia, there are 2 main types of coins: investment and collection. But there are also several subspecies and types of coinage, which are indicated in the nomenclature of the coin. In addition, some investment coins, under favorable conditions, can change their appearance or status and become collectible.

1.1 Collectible coins are made in Proof quality, a lot of manual labor is used in the process of minting, minting takes a lot of time and is of very high quality, relief, detailing. Circulations of collectible coins are small – from tens to several hundreds or thousands of pieces. Proof coins are sold with a certificate, and sometimes even in a gift box. They cost significantly, many times more than investment.

If I have, I’ll post a photo. 1.2. Investment coins are often called bullion coins, that is, bullion coins and they are minted in several types of quality. There are also so-called rounds, that is, round bars in the form of coins that are not means of payment, that is, they are simply gold or silver tokens, but in the context of this article they do not differ from coins.