Review of cryptocurrency MTT (Make Time): Expert opinion

Personally,  did not leave my Bitcoins when they were still quite cheap. After Bitcoin soared to $ 20,000, I confess I had a sense of lost profits. After that, I began to observe promising coins and invest in them from time to time. It was a little background.

About the MTT (Make Time) token

Not so long ago, on the Internet, I began to notice an interesting phenomenon. A new MTT cryptocurrency from the Make Time browser extension for the Chrome browser has appeared on the market. They distribute their tokens to everyone. This is what caught my attention. Because the project makes a good advertisement for itself, which means it has ambitions and intentions to play like an adult. In general, I decided to understand this token in more detail, share my review and opinion.

What is the Make Time browser extension and how does it use the MTT token?

In general, I went to the Google Chrome web store, I found the Make Time extension there. I see that more than 10,000+ people have already installed it.  People write different things. I did not notice any serious negative. Next, I installed the extension.

New functionality has appeared in a new tab in my browser. For the sake of interest, I tried to create a task for myself and allocate time for it. Then I launched it. As a result, the extension rewarded me with MTT tokens. That is to say, a nice bonus for using the extension. I didn’t get much, but overall I was pleased.

Then I discovered that the extension has its own job exchange. It looks like a freelance exchange or box. Some users create tasks, while others complete them. Payment for work is made in MTT tokens. It is the internal currency of the expansion.

Very reminiscent of the Work exchange. The functionality is similar. There are a lot of services.

The extension has its own internal cryptocurrency exchanger.  The exchange of MTT in the opposite direction is also available. All transactions take place through the Metalmark wallet.

As the chart shows, the pool has $ 47,000 in liquidity. Of course, this is not very much, but already not bad. Not all ICOs at the start give their investors the opportunity to sell their tokens if they change their minds.

My opinion:

In general, Make Time is an interesting project and inspired my trust.  I decided to watch, read people’s reviews and articles. Overall, the token may have good prospects as it is backed up by its expansion and exchange, plus the marketing is quite powerful.  They write that the script is similar to the UNI token. They distributed their coins in the same way through the Metalmark wallet, then went out to trade on the Finance exchange and the token went straight to growth. In general, let’s see how events will develop. If I buy this token and make money on it, then I will definitely write a separate article about it.

An asset that, moreover, has little correlation with other types of assets. Moreover, in recent years, the traditional currency has become less and less attractive to investors due to its strong exposure to the influence of geopolitical and economic factors, and also does not have the possibility of a sharp jump in value.

Two conditions for the growth potential of the price of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has a fundamental basis – a useful function for the outside world, and a limited emission of coins.

The hype surrounding a certain cryptocurrency. The more investors want to invest in virtual currency, the faster the price increases. The more influential a person is interested in investing in cryptocurrency, the more rapidly its price grows.

Is it worth investing in a new cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other popular digital coins are expensive. And new cryptocurrencies are an opportunity to enter a project at the very beginning and potentially make big profits within a few years.

Of course, you need to understand that not all new blockchains will become popular. But systems that meet the urgent needs of users will attract serious investment. That is, the risks can justify themselves.

Over the past 10 years, most of the large fortunes have been obtained precisely in the crypto segment. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly monitor new digital currencies, analyze the advantages of projects and invest in the most promising ones.

But do not concentrate all free money in one basket – resources must be distributed between different projects. This will minimize the risks of a major loss.

Such cryptocurrencies can be abandoned by developers for various reasons. But if the technology will cover current needs or create a new service with significant potential, then small investments before listing such a coin on the largest crypto exchanges are acceptable.