Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams – Bitcoin Scam?

In this article we will see the most common scams with Cryptocurrencies
Some will tell you that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies mean great profitability.

Others will claim that bitcoin is simply a scam or a bubble that may burst.

You may have heard about cryptocurrency scams from a friend or acquaintance.

In this article, which is accompanied by a video about cryptocurrency scams, I will list the most well-known cryptocurrency scams I have come across.

Why do we have Cryptocurrency Scams?
But let’s see why especially in cryptocurrencies we have so many scams?

  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology is relatively new and quite difficult to understand for those who haven’t taken the time to learn.
  • It should be noted that there is no strict and controlled framework and regulations in the field of cryptocurrencies, so there is no control over what is published
  • At the same time, there are rumors of great profits and some of these rumors are based on real stories

The above points are the perfect trap to create an opportunity for astute people to set up many scams and make many ignorant people lose their money or cryptocurrencies.

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What are the most common Bitcoin Scams?

Below I’ve listed the main scams I’ve come across throughout my time with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

  • Allegedly Investments
  • Fake Exchanges
  • New coins
  • Promises without reciprocation
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Ponzi / MLM
  • Telegram / Facebook / Skype / Discord
  • Ransomware
  • Trade Signals
    You may have come across the above scams in the form below:

I invested in a company with Bitcoin and lost money
I made a deposit with a company and now they are asking me a lot of money to withdraw my money

Found a new promising cryptocurrency, should I invest?
A friend invited me to a new exchange, is it reliable?

I was asked to deposit my Bitcoins in an investment company that promises 20% profit per day
A new cryptocurrency will be released in the markets in 1 year and they sent me an Invitation Link to sign up
They sent me an email threatening me if I don’t deposit my Bitcoins
A friend invited me to a company that if I write 3 and they write 3 we will all become rich with Bitcoin
A company abroad is doing bitcoin mining and I can also take part and make money
A nice man found me on Telegram and wants to donate his bitcoins to me!
A stranger wants me to help him withdraw his money from an exchange and will pay me well in crypto
I found a Telegram channel that gives free signals to buy and make profit
Someone has locked my files and is demanding a Bitcoin ransom to unlock them

The New Bitcoin / Rising Cryptocurrency

Every day we receive invitations with affiliate links about the “new rising cryptocurrency” that will give more profits than Bitcoin when it hits the markets.

You will see many touting the success of Bitcoin and likening their venture in a similar way and that it will have a similar trajectory.

You make a profit in coins / tokens as long as you promote it.

In fact, you make more than 50% of the profit from promoting affiliate links and that’s why your “friends” approach you.

Search for the Coin that was recommended to you at where you can see all the Crypto Tokens traded on an exchange even a small one. It means that it has passed a rudimentary check from the investing public.

If it’s there then maybe you can take a chance.

If it is not there, it is better to buy a coin when it starts trading since there is a very high chance that on the day of the first trade its price will drop significantly as people try to get rid of it and capitalize