Features of buying coins in Sberbank and their varieties

Features of buying coins in Sberbank and their varieties

Gold and silver coins issued by various states serve both to preserve and increase their own funds, and to start or replenish a numismatic collection. How to buy coins from precious metals at Sberbank: find out the availability and cost, how you can save on purchases, and also what is the difference between investment and collection items, we will consider later in the article.

Precious coins made of metals such as gold, platinum, silver are a good investment tool, a collectible item, they can become an original gift or a souvenir.

Investment copies are produced in large quantities and have a fairly standard appearance. The value of an investment product depends on the content and cost of the precious metal that is part of it. When the value of the metal changes over time, the price of the product also changes accordingly.

The most popular investment coins in Russia are gold:

“George the Victorious” 999 samples;
series “Russian ballet”;
“Sower” 900 samples;

You can buy these and other gold and silver investment coins in Sberbank, both of excellent and satisfactory quality.

Spread – the difference between the buying and selling price – depends on:

the precious metal that is part of the product (silver has more than gold, due to the greater demand for gold in the investment market);
circulation (the larger the circulation, the smaller the spread).
Thus, buying coins from precious metals as an investment should be based on a long, at least 3 years, storage, since the purchase price for them is much lower than the retail sale price.

For example, at the end of October 2021, in Sberbank, you can buy investment silver coins “Sobol” with a face value of 25 rubles in excellent quality for 24,990 rubles, and sell to a bank for only 8,000 rubles. For a gold copy of the same denomination, the sale price is 12,990 rubles, the purchase price is 6,000 rubles.

Unlike investment items, commemorative (collectible, souvenir, anniversary) pieces are made using advanced technologies, have great artistic value, original or unique design, and unusual shape. As a rule, such products are produced in a limited edition.

The cost of numismatic products is influenced not only by the market price of the metal, but also by rarity, subject matter, age, and safety. Complete collections collected by series and years are most valued, rather than scattered copies.

Collectibles are a rather specific investment tool. Its application requires special knowledge or a consultant who is well versed in this area.

The main differences between collection and investment items are shown in the table:

For your information: according to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, income from the sale of coins owned for less than 3 years is subject to personal income tax. Therefore, it is important to have a document confirming the date of purchase of the coin.

Sberbank offers a wide range of investment, commemorative and commemorative coins issued by the Bank of Russia, as well as by leading foreign manufacturers.

The following coins are currently on sale:

New Year’s series 2021 and 2021;
on the topic of religion;
from the series “For good luck”;
from the series “Signs of the Zodiac”, etc.

Not so long ago, it became possible to buy investment and commemorative coins at Sberbank at reduced prices: with mechanical defects on the copy itself, damaged packaging, without a manufacturer’s certificate. Such products can replenish your own collection or become a memorable gift.

Products at reduced prices (satisfactory condition) are not sold in all divisions of Sberbank. You can find out about authorized points of sale in the list of UVSP in the “Important” block.

Items in fair condition cannot be sold to a bank, so as an investment vehicle, they should be purchased with caution.

Ways to find out about the availability of the necessary coin
Since the range and quotes of coins made of precious metals may differ depending on the region in which the Sberbank division is located, you should find out about the availability of a particular item and its price before buying.

This can be done online (information about the availability of products in Sberbank branches is posted on its official website), clarified by calling the “hot line” or contacting a bank branch.

To obtain information on the Sberbank website, on the main page, select the desired region, then: “Private clients”, “Invest and earn”, “Precious metals and coins” and “Coins from precious metals”.

On the right, in the “Useful to know” block, there is an Excel file “Availability of coins made of precious metals …”, where, using various filter settings, you can select products by:

year of issue;
the metal from which the product is made;
quality of coinage (proof (higher) or uncirculated (usual));
condition (excellent or satisfactory), etc.;
availability and quantity in a particular department.
For example, to buy commemorative coins at the offices of Sberbank of Moscow, you should select the Moscow region, follow the path indicated above and open the desired file.

Here, on the site page, information is available on the quotes set by Sberbank for coins made of precious metals, depending on their condition:

The price of some products (“Leopard”, “Bunny”, “Mishka”, “George the Victorious”) also depends on the quantity purchased. Wholesale prices begin to operate on parties from 10 units. Moreover, the composition of the wholesale lot may include different names of coins, but of the same metal and weight nomenclature.

How to order
If the nearest VSP of Sberbank did not have the selected coin, or they are available, but in insufficient quantities, you can inform the cash desk employee about your desire to purchase them. As a rule, bank employees go towards the client and order the desired coin. Estimated delivery time is about a week.

How to buy
Sberbank You can buy coins at Sberbank not in all its branches, but only in some of them. The list of internal structural units that carry out operations with coins made of precious metals is posted on the website in the “Important” section.

To purchase you need:

select the desired copy in the proposed list;
make sure that it is available at the branch of Sberbank;
find out the cost;
come to the branch of Sberbank with a passport.
When making a transaction, along with the purchase, a “Certificate on the operation with coins made of precious metals” and a manufacturer’s certificate (if any) for the product will be issued.

Sberbank also offers residents and guests of Moscow to use the services of the first specialized boutique of precious coins. It is located in Moscow at the address: Tverskaya street, 22.

Here you can choose not only collectible, but also investment coins, and, in addition, purchase silver and gold bars.

The boutique is equipped with the most modern demonstration equipment, there are complete and up-to-date catalogs. You can get advice, as well as assistance in choosing the right copy from professional sales consultants.