Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022.

While some tokens are growing in price, others are rapidly depreciating. Investing in digital coins can bring tangible profits or serious monetary losses.

Should you invest in blockchain at all? In 2022, the cryptocurrency market will continue to develop, so investing in crypto is definitely worth it! The main thing is to choose a good, promising project, to correctly allocate capital. The article will list the 10 most interesting cryptocurrencies that promise good profits in the long run.

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that he had long invested in the purchase of bitcoin and ether. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey called Bitcoin the national currency of the Internet. Elon Musk has assets in BTC, Ethereum and Dogecoin. What digital assets should you look at in 2022 to make money on crypto?

Lucky Block

Let’s start with the “dark horse”, which is in an uptrend and is considered one of the most promising projects of the year. We are talking about Lucky Block – a win-win crypto lottery for users from all over the world.  It is not surprising that the number of sites with gambling entertainment is constantly growing. Possibly the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.

They bring tangible profits to their owners. Lucky Block is a worldwide lottery using Blockchain protocols running on the Finance smart chain. When developing the Lucky Block project, the authors of the project sought to create a lottery that has no geographical boundaries and is not tied to individual financial systems.

To take part in the Lucky Block project, you just need to connect your wallet and select the amount of investment at the current exchange rate (at the time of writing, the cost of 1 Lucky Block token is 0.00015 US dollars). Immediately after the confirmation of the purchase, the tokens will be sent to the wallet address.

Absolutely every investor can take part in the Lucky Block crypto lottery, regardless of income level, location and status. A blockchain project can bring tangible income if you invest in it today.


In 2021, the capitalization of bitcoin exceeded 1 trillion. dollars.  The second important advantage of the military-technical cooperation is the possibility of mining, that is.

the extraction of cryptocurrency on your own. Bitcoin is sold in almost all exchangers, you can work with it on any crypto exchange. Today, BTC is in a downtrend, that is, the quotes of the crypt are declining. Buying and selling Bitcoin has the greatest liquidity, that is, it will bring tangible profits regardless of the state of the market.

In addition to buying the classic bitcoin, we advise you to take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash. It appeared a few years ago after the split of the main network.

In the spring of 2021, the digital currency showed phenomenal growth, in just a month it has risen in price by 118%. Analysts believe in Bitcoin and so do we. If you are considering a promising cryptocurrency for investment in 2022, start with Bitcoin.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that Bitcoin will rise to $100,000 in the next 5 years. Approximately 20% of savings are in BTC, by the end of 2022 the share of savings in bitcoin will reach 50%.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the only digital coin in the world that is considered a direct competitor to Bitcoin. Despite the fact that it is much cheaper than BTC and inferior to it in terms of the volume of monetary transactions, ETH stands head and shoulders above other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is the first blockchain to support smart contracts with automated trade execution. In simple words, an unlimited number of digital tokens are created on the Ethereum network. Under certain conditions, they become the main means of making payments.

Another reason to invest in Ethereum is the trust of other companies. The ETH protocol is used by many assets, including Unisa, Chain-link and others. Like bitcoin, Ethereum is traded on almost all cryptocurrency platforms. The project is constantly evolving and improving. In a few months, the long-awaited transition of Ethereum to Posy will take place, and the efficiency of the network will be increased.


The dynamically developing Ripple blockchain project was launched in China.  Today, the Ripple cryptocurrency is listed in many Asian banks that are actively testing blockchain technology.

Perhaps the main proof of Ripple’s stability is its growth performance during the March crisis. He did not hit her as hard as the rest of the cryptocurrencies, the Ripple rate remained practically unchanged. In 2021, XRP capitalization exceeded 50 billion USD. Due to numerous lawsuits.

the reputation of XRP has been shaken. Today, investors want to catch up and actively invest in Ripple. According to the most modest forecasts of analysts, the digital coin has a good growth potential at the level of 300%.