5 coins for staking with maximum passive income.

When investing in coins built on Proof of Stake (Pops) decentralized networks, you can use staking, which contributes to the safer and more efficient operation of Pops networks.

The only requirement for staking is to keep coins in a cryptocurrency wallet for a long time, for which rewards are issued. Staking coins is similar to depositing and saving in a bank, as in both cases you receive interest on the initial investment.

Cryptocurrency staking is a process that involves depositing funds in a digital wallet for an extended period to support validation of transactions on Pops blockchains. Users earn additional cryptocurrency by participating in transaction verifications.

The main advantages of staking cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency staking does not require additional equipment, unlike mining.
Staking is significantly less harmful to the environment than mining.
Staking directly improves the efficiency and security of Pops blockchains.
Mining in general is done using Proof of Work (Pow) systems. Staking is possible with both Pow and Posy coins. More supported coins – more options!

Both Pow and Pops work as consensus mechanisms and can confirm blockchain transactions without the need for banks or other third parties.

After choosing the coins you want to use, you will need to decide exactly how many coins you want to stake.

Staking risks

Keep in mind that cryptocurrency staking has both benefits and risks. Here are the main ones:

Cryptocurrency prices are relatively volatile, i.e. they can quickly depreciate. If prices fall too much, you may suffer losses.
By the way, flexible staking is implemented on By bit, which allows you to instantly withdraw assets from staking.


With the backing of BIT by renowned sponsors such as Peter Thiel and Panera Capital, investors can rest assured that this digital currency asset will become one of the next major exchange traded tokens.  BIT token holders can shape the future of Bit DAO by voting on core protocol updates, token swaps, and other proposals.

To start staking BIT, you need to register at By bit Launch pool. After registering with By bit and passing the Level 1 KYC verification, simply transfer the BIT to your Befit account and start the staking process.

Tether (USDT)

If you are afraid of market fluctuations and loss of value of a token, then try stable coin staking. Although the choice of a particular stable coin is a personal decision of each investor, we recommend Tether (USDT) due to its huge trading volume. And for liquidity, this is just great, because with a high volume, you will never have a problem with exchanging USDT for other tokens.

If you are interested in staking USDT, then use flexible staking at our Bifid Center and get up to 3.5% per annum. USDT is extremely stable making it one of the best tokens for newbies. Combine this with a convenient platform with instant withdrawal and get the perfect investment.

The minimum staking threshold on the Ethereum network is 32 ETH. Previously, Ethereum used the Pow consensus algorithm. However, he recently switched to Pops and has invested over $ 12 billion in ETH in staking this asset.

Before you start hosting Ethereum 2.0, please note that this platform is in early access and is still being tested before the official launch. Until the launch of version 2.0, the placed coins will remain online. Eth2 is expected to launch in the first months of 2022. With flexible staking at our Bifid Center, you can expect up to 2.5% APY.

Polka dot (DOT)

Scalable multi-chain technology created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood makes DOT one of the best staking coins out there. The minimum staking amount is 40 DOT or about $ 1,600 at the time of this review. (By the way, the minimum amount for creating a validator node with Polka dot is much higher and amounts to 350 DOT.)

You can stake DOT on exchanges like Finance, Kraken, and Fearless Wallet. If we consider the possible prospects, then DOT is one of the best cryptocurrencies for staking, since it is in the TOP 10 coins by market capitalization.

Telos (XTZ)

Telos features a liquid proof of stake (Lopes) model with additional delegation. Telos uses XTZ cryptocurrency, which is generated during the baking process. If you become a Telos “baker”, you will receive substantial rewards when staking your XTZ coins as it helps validate new blocks of transactions.

Telos rewards are pretty much stable, which is why XTZ is considered one of the best coins for cryptocurrency staking. Your average annual remuneration can range from 6.75 to 10.60%.